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Cisco VoIP Phone Quick Start Guide

Cisco 8841 VoIP

VOIP Instructions


Enroll With Voicemail (first time use only)

To reset your voicemail PIN, go to and choose the Password Management tile. Detailed instructions are available here:

To access your voicemail, press the voicemail button on your phone or dial the internal voice mail phone number 5000 (on campus).

Follow the prompts to:
Record your name - Press the # key as soon as you say your name
Record a greeting - Press the # key as soon as you say your greeting
Set a new PIN

Voicemail messages left via your VoIP phone system will also be available as an .mp3 audio file attachment sent to your UWL email account. 

The email will have the subject line "Message From: ("name of person leaving the message"), ("their extension") if they are from a campus phone. Just click on the attachment to listen to the message on your computer or mobile device.

If you delete or archive the email with the message, the message will also be deleted from your phone.

Calling into Voicemail from an off campus location

  1. Dial 608-785-5000
  2. Press *
  3. Dial the last 4 digits of your phone number, then press #.
  4. Enter your PIN, then press #.

To place a call, pick up the handset and enter a number.

  • To dial an on-campus number: dial the last 4 digits of the campus number or dial the extension number
  • To dial a local number:  dial 7 + 10 digit number (including area code)
  • To dial long distance (including 800 calls):  dial 7 + 1 + 10 digit number (including area code)

Redial Last Number

  • Press Redial to redial on your primary line. To redial on another line, press the line button first.

Dial On-Hook

  1. Enter a number when the phone is not being used.
  2. Lift the handset or press Call, Headset  , or Speakerphone  .

New calls display in these ways:

  • A flashing amber line button
  • An animated icon and caller ID
  • A flashing red light on your handset

To answer a call:

  • Lift the handset.
  • Press the flashing amber session button.
  • Press the Answer button.
  • Press the unlit headset button.
  • Press the speakerphone button.

Answer Multiple Lines

If you are talking on the phone when you get another call, a message appears briefly on the phone screen. Press the flashing amber line button to switch lines and press the session button to answer the second call. The first call goes on hold automatically.

  1. Press Hold hold. The hold icon appears and the line button flashes green.
  2. To resume a call from hold, press the flashing green line button, Resume, or Hold.
  1. From an active call, press Transfer transfer.
  2. Enter the transfer recipient’s phone number.
  3. Press Transfer again (before or after the party answers). The transfer completes.

Direct Transfer

You can transfer the active call to the held call either on the same line or across lines

  1. From an active call, press Transfer.
  2. Press Active calls to select the held call, and press Transfer again to finish the call transfer.
  1. From an active call, press Conference conference.
  2. Make a new call.
  3. Press Conference again (before or after the party answers). The conference begins and the phone displays “Conference.”
  4. Repeat these steps to add more participants. The conference ends when all participants hang up.

Join Calls

You can conference the active call with the held calls either on the same line or across lines.

  1. From an active call, press Conference.
  2. Press Active calls to select the held call, and press Conference again to create the conference.

View and Remove Participants

  1. During a conference, press Show Details.
  2. To remove a participant from the conference, scroll to the participant and press Remove.
  1. While on a call, press Mute mute . The button glows to indicate that mute is on.
  2. Press Mute again to turn mute off.
  1. To forward calls received on your primary line to another number, press Forward All.
    • To forward calls to another number, enter a phone number.
    • To forward all calls to voicemail, press Messages.
  2. To cancel call forwarding, press forward off.

To set up forwarding on a secondary line, press the line button to select the line and press Forward All.


View Call History

  1. Press Applications applications.
  2. Scroll and select Recents.
  3. Select a line to view. Your phone displays the last 150 missed, placed, and received calls.
  4. To view details for a call, scroll to the call, press more (far right button with three dots), and then press Details.

View Missed Calls Only

  1. View your call history.
  2. Press Missed calls.

Dial Call History

  1. View your call history, or navigate to your missed or placed calls.
  2. Scroll to a listing and lift the handset, or press Call.
  3. To edit a number before dialing, press More > EditDial.
  1. Press Contacts contacts.
  2. Scroll and select a directory.
  3. Use your keypad to input search criteria.
  4. Press Submit.
  5. To dial, scroll to a listing and press Dial.


The Volume bar volume-bar is located to the left of the keypad.

  • To adjust the handset, headset, or speakerphone volume, press Volume when the phone is in use.
  • To adjust the ringer volume, press Volume on the left (-) or right (+).
  • To silence the phone when ringing, press Volume left one time. Pressing Volume multiple times lowers the ringer volume.


  1. Press Applications applications
  2.  Select Settings > Ringtone.
  3. Select a line.
  4. Scroll through the list of ringtones and press Play to hear a sample.
  5. Press Set and Apply to save a selection.

Screen Brightness

  1. Press Applications.
  2. Select Settings > Brightness.
  3. Press the Navigation cluster left or right to increase the brightness and press Save.

Font Size

  1. Press Applications.
  2. Select Settings > Font Size.
  3. Select Tiny, Small, Regular, Large, or Huge.
  4. Press Save.
Add, Move, or Change

To make changes to a phone (add, move or change) or update your Directory or Profile, please submit a ticket by going to and then select "I have a request" then "Phone (VOIP), Profile or Directory Update."

What do I gain from a VoIP system?

Besides lowering costs the new system provides enhanced features now and in the future. Each VoIP phone has call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID and three-way calling at no extra charge. Your voice mail messages will be forwarded to your e-mail as audio files. You either can save or delete them in your email. You also have enhanced phone conferencing functions and graphical display menus.

If you have any questions about using your VoIP phone, please contact the Eagle Help Desk at 608.785.8774 or

Check out the VoIP video below