Posted 1:53 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022

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Human Resources urges employees who elected benefits to confirm on their 2022 benefit cards that all of the dependents are listed AND that you selected the correct Quartz network (if you enrolled in a Quartz Network Plan).

This past week, Human Resources has received numerous concerns related to the 2022 benefit cards which many are now receiving as the new Benefit Plan Year began on January 1, 2022.  The concerns expressed are primarily centered around two themes; first, missing dependents on elected plans; AND/OR second, that their primary care providers are no longer in their Quartz network, (if you elected a Quartz Network Plan). 

As the enrollment module in the MyUW Portal changed slightly last fall, requiring an affirmative action to enroll dependents, it is strongly recommended that employees review their benefit cards and benefit confirmation statement to confirm the correct dependents had been added to the desired plan.  Please review these steps to access your benefit confirmation statement:

  1. Navigate to your MyUW Portal
  2. Click on the Benefits Information tile
  3. Click on Benefit Enrollment Confirmation Statements (second tab from the left)
  4. Click on 2022 Benefits Enrollment Confirmation

Additionally, employees who elected Quartz can review the communication that went out earlier in the year regarding the network change

If an employee notices that dependents were not enrolled AND/OR that the incorrect Quartz plan was selected, you MUST file a benefits appeal no later than 4/15/2022.  To file an appeal follow these steps: 

****Employees will receive written notification from Employee Trust Funds (ETF) of approval or denial of any appeal****