Posted 8:13 p.m. Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Chronicle of Higher Education is now available off campus using these login instructions.

Thanks to funding by the College of Liberal Studies, everyone at UWL can enjoy full access to the online Chronicle of Higher Education. This license allows students, faculty and staff to access otherwise locked content at the site. To connect while on campus, go to the Chronicle website at, which should recognize connections coming from UW-L and allow unrestricted access. Or use any of the links to the Chronicle on the library website, which authenticate users automatically. To connect while off campus, use any of the links to the Chronicle on the library website, enter your NetID and password, and you will have full access. Or, or to personalize your experience, you can create an account with the Chronicle of Higher Education using your UW-L email and a password of your choice. You can also install an app on your tablet or smartphone and create an account there.

Instructions for creating a Chronicle account

  1. Go to and select "Log in."
  2. Do not enter your email yet. Instead, select "Create an Account."
  3. Enter your  name, UWL email address, etc. and select any newsletters you'd like to receive (you can always add or remove these later).
  4. The Chronicle will send an email to your UWL email account. From there, you can follow the instructions to finish creating your account.
USING CHRONICLE APPS Note: only IOS apps are available at this time. Apps are not available for Android or Windows devices.
  • Open the iPad App Store.
  • Find The Chronicle app and install it.
  • When the app opens up, tap “Sign In” on the top right.
  • Type the login information for your Chronicle account associated with your university e-mail address.
  • Go to on your device’s Web browser and select “Log In” at the top.
  • Scroll down to click the “Create an Account."
  • Follow the steps on the account setup pages using your UWL email address.