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Posted 10 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024

UWL youth programming includes field trips, commuter programs, overnight programs and community youth events.

Learn about UWL's updated Youth Protection policy

Did you know UWL offers programming for youth? This includes field trips, commuter programs, overnight programs and community youth events.

The Youth Protection team is ensuring that youth can continue to safely participate in programming affiliated with UWL under the updated Youth Protection policy.

What is the purpose of the Youth Protection policy?

The purpose of the policy is for the protection of minors engaged in covered activities throughout the Universities of Wisconsin, establishing minimum standards that must be followed (UWSA 625, 2024). Covered activities include all events, operations, endeavors, or activities, regardless of location, designed for youth participants and organized, sponsored and/or operated by the institution. 

Any UWL employee or third-party organization that hosts a covered youth activity must comply with the Youth Protection policy. 

What are the recent updates in the Youth Protection policy?

The updated policy includes new protocols for program registration and approval, updated templates of required forms and documents, and detailed overviews to guide activity directors. In addition, the updated website allows for easier navigation, with quick access to necessary forms and additional resources. 

Specific updates include:  

  • Youth Program Registration and Approval Processes  
  • Solidifying workflow and clarifying roles  
  • Incorporation of the platforms/tools below to assist in tracking and compliance  
    • Youth Activity Registration System (YARS) — Central registration of youth activities  
    • VolunteerMatters — Central database of UWL volunteers and tracking of their screening and training requirements.  
    • CampDoc — Participant registration and health management platform   
  • Updated language and guidelines on required forms and documents   
  • Creation of a SharePoint site for Activity Directors to navigate the program approval process  
  • Checklists  
  • Templates of required forms and documents  
  • Quick links for a one-stop shop approach (all resources in one place)

“We thank Michele Overgard in Graduate & Extended Learning for their time updating the website layout and content for easier navigation,” says Monica Yang, Youth Protection coordinator. 

Who maintains the policy?

The Youth Protection team is housed under the Division of Diversity & Inclusion at UWL. The team convened in late September 2023 to review, update and finalize campus policies and procedures.

The Youth Protection team is made up of a Youth Protection coordinator (YPC) Monica Yang, and four division Youth Protection liaisons (DYPL), KJ Krzyzanowski, Erin Hanson, Eric Kunick and Sadie Kuhl.

In the fall of 2023, the Youth Protection coordinator position was created to oversee campus procedures, policies and compliance. This individual is responsible for authorizing youth activities and is the main point of contact with the Universities of Wisconsin regarding Youth Protection and compliance.

The Division Youth Protection Liaisons serve as the first contact for their respective divisions. They assist individuals in navigating Youth protection policy and processes. DYPLs provide recommendations for program approval to the YPC.

Interested in getting involved?

“We welcome any interested UWL faculty and staff to reach out and discuss the possibility of serving as a division Youth Protection liaison,” Yang says. 

Contact Monica Yang if interested in learning more.  

View the updated website here.


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