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Maroon Tycoon

Maroon Tycoon

Sophomore Hayley Moore receives over $30,000 in scholarships

Hayley Moore has earned over $30,000 in scholarships over a single academic year.

Posted 8 a.m. Friday, April 5, 2024

Hayley Moore has a knack for scholarships, earning over $30,000 toward her college education in a single academic year. 

Moore came to college with the same fears and challenges that many face while starting a new chapter of their lives: moving away from loved ones and being surrounded by new, unfamiliar people.  

“This is a common experience,” Moore says, “but it does affect how you feel at school.” 

After applying for UWL Foundation scholarships, Moore received ample assistance paying for her education. For the 2023-24 academic year, Moore was awarded the Esther Risberg West Scholarship — a $10,000 scholarship that is renewed for three additional years. That assistance allowed Moore to focus on overcoming the transition to college life, and not needing to juggle a job on top of course work and extracurriculars. 

In her available time, Moore overcame her initial fears by making friends with her roommates and fellow dorm residents. She also finds value spending her time networking with other students and talking to professionals about their career and road to success. 

However, most of Moore’s time is spent volunteering. 

“I faced the obstacle of going to my first volunteer event in La Crosse,” Moore says. “It was nerve racking, but I got through it and have met so many amazing people since.” 

Now, Moore volunteers at several places around the La Crosse region. 

“I offer manicures each Monday to residents and participate in crafts every other Wednesday at Cass Street Assisted Living,” Moore says. “I also volunteer weekly in the gift shop at Gunderson Hospital, and each month I help with Hunger Task Force food distribution and a Girl Scout Daises program. I’m glad I can use this time to give back to others!” 

Another positive of receiving scholarships, Moore shares, is having a clear mind when it comes to living expenses.  

“I know that I have enough money saved to pay for my necessities,” Moore says. “I don’t have to think twice about buying food or worry about paying rent.” 

The absence of financial stress lets Moore focus on succeeding in school, pursuing her passions and, of course, applying for more scholarships. 

Moore’s success in applying and receiving scholarships has gotten her recognized as a UWL Maroon Tycoon. Maroon Tycoons are a select group of students who have dedicated their time and effort to finding and applying for scholarships. Students qualify for the title if they have been awarded over $10,000 in scholarships in a single academic year. 

This year's Maroon Tycoons and their families will be recognized at a special event April 11 at the Student Union.

“I would encourage everyone to apply for the Foundation scholarships,” Moore says. “They are a great way to earn money to put towards your education!” 

Learn more about the Alumni & Friends Foundation Scholarships.

Utilize the Scholarship Resource Center (0130 Student Union).

Read about UWL Maroon Tycoons.


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