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Connie Arzigian, Archaeology/Anthropology, teaches a workshop on “Making Bones Speak” during the Girls in Science camp. Photo by Greg White, News8000. Read more →

Dozens of faculty, staff, students join to teach summer camps at UWL

UWL faculty, staff, students and community came together in June to bring area youth hands-on learning experiences in math and science.  

The 2019 Girls in Science and Boys’ Science Exploration Camps were held June 19–20 at UWL. This marked the 21st year for the girls’ program and the 9th year for the boys’ program. 

Children entering grades 6–8 participated in the camps, which aimed to encourage interest in science and math through a variety of activities. The girls and boys worked with UWL faculty and staff in hands-on experimentation, investigation and involvement in the fields of math and science. Susan Kelly, Ph.D., Mathematics and Statistics, directs the program. 

Faculty and staff who taught and helped this year: 


  • Peg Maher, Ph.D., R.D., Biology, Food is Fuel and Munch, Munch More! 
  • Jennifer Docktor, Ph.D., Physics, It's Electric! 
  • Sumei Liu, Ph.D., Biology, Junkyard Digestion 
  • Nick McGrath, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry, Making Nylon and Polystyrene: The reactions that keep going, and going, and going… 
  • Basudeb Bhattacharyya, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry, Cracking the Code: The Amazing Story of DNA! 
  • Kelly Gorres, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry, Cracking the Code: The Amazing Story of DNA! 
  • Heidi Masters, Ph.D., Educational Studies, Reaction Time!  
  • Kendric Nelson, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry 
  • Faye Ellis, M.S., Biology, Crime Scene Investigation: The Case of Jason Worth  
  • Seth King, Ph.D., Physics, Roller Coasters 
  • Samantha Foley, Ph.D.,Computer Science, Talking to Computers: How the Internet Works 
  • Huiya Yan, Ph.D., Mathematics, Get Exposed to Applications of Elementary Number Theory in Cryptography 
  • Connie Arzigian, Ph.D., Archaeology/Anthropology, Making Bones Speak 

Teaching assistants:

  • Signe Aspengren  
  • Elise Baumgartner
  • Ricky Cheng  
  • Larry Cheng  
  • Natalia Draghiccio  
  • Mason Faldet  
  • Trevor Geerdis  
  • Mitchell Splainter  
  • Gabrielle Travers  
  • Jalissa Weier 

The Office of Extended Learning, with special thanks to:  Milandrie Wakim, program manager; Karen McGarvey, program associate  

Scholarships were offered to middle school students in Holmen, La Crescent and Onalaska Middle Schools. Funds were provided from:  Gundersen Health Care Grant • UWL Extended Learning Excel funds  

Also, a special thanks to sponsors: 

Gundersen Health System   
Ingersoll Rand 
UWL Extended Learning 
UWL College of Science and Health 
Mississippi Valley Gifted and Talented Network  
Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center 

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