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An important concept of the Medical Dosimetry Program is evidence-based practice. Therefore, graduate students are given the opportunity to perform research through practicum experiences. 

The program faculty encourage students to present and/or publish their research. The American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD) offers an annual writing competition for students and for medical dosimetry professionals.  Students are encouraged to enter the writing competition after their research is completed.  They are also encouraged to submit their research for publication within the various professional organization publications, such as Medical Dosimetry  journal or the Radiation Therapist  journal.

Research accepted for publication or recognized for awards are listed here.

Graduate Publications

Kehkashan Ahmad


VMAT vs. 7-Field-IMRT: Assessing the Dosimetric Parameters of Prostate Cancer Treatment with a 292-Patient Sample

Michelle Howard


Incidence of Burnout or Compassion Fatigue Reported Among Medical Dosimetrists

Patricia Sponseller


A case study of radiotherapy planning for Intensity Modulation Radiation Therapy for the whole scalp with matching electron treatment

Patricia Sponseller 2014 Radiation treatment for newly diagnosed esophageal cancer with prior radiation to the thoracic cavity
Patricia Sponseller 2014 Measurable improvement in patient safety culture: A departmental experience with incident learning
Lee Culp & AJ Kressin 2014 Challenges of Diagnosing and Treating Male Breast Cancer: Radiation Oncology Case Studies
Patricia Sponseller 2015 Radiation treatment for the right naris in a pediatric anesthesia patient using an adaptive oral airway technique
Katrina Lee 2015

Whole-brain hippocampal sparing radiation therapy: Volume-modulated arc therapy vs intensity-modulated radiation therapy case study

Ontida Apinorasethkul 2016

Urethral dose sparing in squamous cell carcinoma of anal canal using proton therapy matching electrons with prior brachytherapy for prostate cancer: A case study

Ross McCall, Grayden Maclennan, & Matthew Taylor  2016 Anatomical Contouring Variability in Thoracic Organs at Risk
Ashley Coffey & Lisa Stevenson  2017 Whole breast nodal irradiation using supine VMAT and prone 3D planning: A case study
Alyssa Olson, Kristine Phillips, & Tamara Eng  2017 Assessing dose variance from immobilization devices in VMAT head and neck treatment planning: A retrospective case study analysis
Evgenia Nigay, Heath Bonsall, Beverly Meyer 2018 Offline adaptive radiation therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer: a case study
Aubrie Rice, Ian Zoller, Kevin Kocos, Dannyl Weller 2018 The implementation of RapidPlan in predicting deep inspiration breath-hold candidates with left-sided breast cancer

Zach Stauch, Kayla Tedrick


An evaluation of adaptive planning by assessing the dosimetric impact of weight loss throughout the course of radiotherapy in bilateral treatment of head and neck cancer patients

Nancy Gustafson, Teri Burrier, Brittany Butler


Correlation of hot spot to breast separation in patients treated with postlumpectomy tangent 3D-CRT using field-in-field technique and mixed photon energies

Karen Lang, Brianne Loritz, Adam Schwartz


Dosimetric comparison between volumetric-modulated arc therapy and a hybrid volumetric-modulated arc therapy and segmented field-in-field technique for postmastectomy chest wall and regional lymph node irradiation

Jeanette Keil, Joanne Carda, Jade Reihart


A dosimetric study using split x-jaw planning technique for the treatment of endometrial carcinoma

AAMD Student Dosimetrist Writing Competition Awards

Brandie Warfel      2009 1st Place: Virtual Reality Simulation and Prone Breast Patients
Ashley Pyfferoen 2014 3rd Place: Brachial Plexus Dose Limitations in Apical Lung Cancer: A Case Study

Ross McCall, Grayden MacLennan, & Matthew Taylor


1st Place: Anatomical Contouring Variability in Thoracic Organs at Risk

Karen Lang, Brianne Loritz, Adam Schwartz


2nd Place: Dosimetric Comparison between Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy and a Hybrid Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy and Segmented Field-in-Field Technique for Post-Mastectomy Chest Wall and Regional Lymph Node Irradiation

AAMD Dosimetrist Writing Competition Awards

Michelle Howard      2012 1st Place: The incidence of burnout or compassion fatigue in medical dosimetrists as a function of various stress and other factors
Patricia Sponseller 2014 3rd Place: Radiation Treatment for the Right Naris in a Pediatric Anesthesia Patient Using an Adaptive Oral Airway Technique