International Business program

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Learn business in an international context. Earn an international business degree.

As business continues to expand globally, employers need employees who understand global issues and can solve cross cultural problems. 

As a graduate of UWL's International Business program, you will know how to be a decision-maker in more than one culture. You will be able to communicate in more than one language. And you will be able to integrate within cultures other than your own — whether on the team or leading it.

International business jobs

Graduates pursue business careers in the U.S. and around the world in areas such as human resources, market research, budget analysis, investment and corporate financial planning, programming information technology, promotion and sales, taxation, public accounting, production, and operations. Because international business majors have concentrations in a variety of business areas, entry-level career placement reflects those subject areas. Some career fields or job titles include:


  • Import/export specialist
  • Translation
  • Logistics
  • Market analyst
  • Business analytics
  • Development manager
  • Trade specialist
  • Human resource manager
  • Foreign service officer
  • Financial analyst
  • Marketing manager
  • Foreign relations specialist
  • Supply chain analyst
  • Advertising executive

What distinguishes UWL's international business program?

International experience

Students in the program complete an international experience that is at least three weeks long. They also have opportunities to participate in internships abroad.

Graduates are bilingual

Majors will become proficient in a second language. Many international business majors also choose to complete majors and minors in their proficiency language, such as Spanish, French and German. The university also offers language courses in Russian and Chinese.

Program built to address business needs

UWL's international business major was one of the first in the state of Wisconsin with a focus on the global nature of business in the twenty-first century. It was created to address the long-term needs of businesses that operate in an international environment and to contribute to students’ development as citizens of an increasingly global world.

Faculty bring diverse business experience

Faculty come from departments across UWL's College of Business Administration. Their diverse experience and expertise in business mirrors the nature of international business. The program is designed for students to develop knowledge of global business and the cultural context of business. Students will develop both breadth and depth of understanding in the global context.

Choose your path — add a business concentration or double major

An international business major requires students to complete the IB major course requirements and a “concentration” of four courses at the 300 or 400 level in a second functional business department such as accountancy, economics, finance, information systems, management or marketing. Students can also choose to double major in another functional business area in place of a concentration. Students will choose electives from various international courses, including topics such as comparative management systems; international human resource management; business, labor and human rights; and international financial economics.

Every student has a guide

Faculty advisers specifically assigned to students in this program help guide them with selecting courses, choosing their concentration area, preparing for the out-of-country experience, and various other components associated with the degree program. In addition, faculty advisers will help students in the career search process.

A facility where modern and historic meet

UWL's College of Business Administration is located in the recently-renovated Wittich Hall. Changes to the facility preserve the history of UWL's second oldest building, while providing modern places to connect and study. The facility was renovated with student input. Student spaces include computer labs, study spaces, sales competition rooms, a finance lab and more.

Connect with other students

Student-led organizations in the College of Business Administration provide life-long relationships, learning and networking opportunities.

Sample courses

ECO 340 Introduction to International Economics Overview and introduction to international economics and the theory of international trade and the effects of trade and trade policy on the economy. Foreign exchange markets, the balance of payments and basic policy adjustments are also introduced. Prerequisite: ECO 110. Offered Fall, Spring.

FIN 440 Multinational Financial Management The international financial system and the application of basic principles of business finance in an international context. Topics include: the finance function in the multinational firm, foreign exchange markets, cost of capital, and capital expenditure analysis in the multinational firm. International accounting and reporting procedures are reviewed. Prerequisite: FIN 355; junior standing; admission to business. Offered Spring.

MKT 341 International Marketing An analysis of worldwide marketing opportunities through a consideration of political, legal, economic, and cultural factors in the international context. Prerequisite: MKT 309; admission to business or international business minor, or French/German/Spanish major with a business concentration. Offered Fall, Spring.

MGT 360 International Management Through this course, students will be introduced to the opportunities and challenges corporations face when doing business internationally and identify strategies and practices to manage effectively in a global environment. In particular, students will be exposed to, and encouraged to critically think about, international management topics such as the global business environment, ethics and corporate social responsibility, culture, international strategy and entry, organizational behavior across cultures, and international human resource management issues. In the end, students develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, culture and its impact on management and strategies for managing in a complex, global environment. Prerequisite: admission to business or international business minor with a non business major; junior standing. Offered Fall, Spring.

BLAW 405 The Law of International Business Transactions This course examines the legal problems that arise when business activities and organizations cross national boundaries and become multinational in structure, operation, and scope. Specific attention is paid to the legal effects of international business decisions; doing business in market, non-market and developing nations; the movement of goods, people and information across national borders; protection of intellectual property; international dispute resolution; and international contracts. Prerequisite: BLAW 205; admission to business. Offered Fall, Spring.

IB 450 International Business Internship The internship program as conceived and implemented is an unusual program designed to provide an opportunity for students in the College of Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to participate in an approved program with a cooperating international business, governmental or civic organization for usually 15 weeks of their undergraduate work. For additional information, see internship description under the College of Business Administration heading. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Prerequisite: ACC 221, ACC 222; BLAW 205; ECO 110, ECO 120, ECO 230; FIN 355; IS 220; MGT 308; MKT 309; admission to business; senior standing. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.

IB 499 Independent Study Individual reading or research under the guidance of a staff member. Open to selected advanced students who have excellent records in the international business major. Students register with consent of the student's faculty advisor and the IBAC chairperson. Approval forms are available from the CBA Dean's Office; completion of form required prior to registration. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Consent of department. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.