You Reflected, We Listened

Thank you to the 350 instructors who completed the Flex Training. In your final reflections, you added comments about what might be helpful for continued support in teaching in a more flexible way. This site lists all the options CATL created to support your continued development. 

Flex Training Access and Continued Engagement

Request: Many requested continued access to the flex training course and resources, as well as continued opportunities through fall semester to engage with colleagues in the training. 

Support: The course is still available in Canvas and no end date is set. Explore as needed. In addition, CATL has created a module 7 where participants are encouraged to come back to discuss how the semester is going, while sharing challenges and potential solutions. Discussion prompts will be posted intermittently. Live sessions will be offered to augment the discussions. Current offerings for live sessions are listed on the campus calendar: for any instructor or for STEM instructors only

Small Groups Continued

Request: Many small groups within each section wished to continue their work together. 

Support: As part of module 7 (see above), small group discussion prompts will be offered intermittently. Use this space to continue engaging with your small group peers. In addition, an open Collaborate Ultra room was created in each Flex Training session. As a small group, you can use this room at any agreed upon time to meet as a small group. If you would like a CATL staff member to attend, simply drop an email ( and we'll do our best to accommodate this request.

Casual Conversations

Request: Many of you asked for informal, casual ways to stay connected with colleagues and ask your Canvas and course related questions when you had them. 

Support: Every Wednesday from 8:30-9:00 and 4:30-5:00, CATL will host "Conversations, Colleagues, Canvas, CATL" as a way to check in and connect. No agenda. Just your questions and ideas sharing with colleagues.