Course Improvement Grants

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CATL Course Improvement Grants support instructors undertaking projects intended to improve teaching and student learning. These grants foster effective teaching that is organized, evidence-based, technology-supported, inclusive, feedback-enriched, and/or programmatic in nature.  


All instructors engage in course preparation as part of their regular teaching duties. Course Improvement Grants are intended to support intentional and intensive course design and redesign projects that go above and beyond the work of normal course preparation.

Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Converting an in-person class into an online asynchronous class
  • Infusing diverse content and inclusive teaching strategies into a course
  • Integrating research-based learning strategies (e.g., practice-testing, spaced practice, etc.)
  • Creating a learning module that can be shared across class sections
  • Adding a course-embedded undergraduate research component to a class
  • Incorporating high-impact practices into a course (e.g., writing-intensive courses, community-based learning, etc.)
  • Developing a systematic approach to classroom assessment
  • Making a course more accessible and user-friendly for students

Course improvement projects identify improvement goals in a class you teach and provide a rationale for making proposed changes. Upon completion, funded projects culminate in artifacts that can be included in portfolios as evidence of teaching improvement.

Many great course improvement projects have been funded over the past few years this grant has been available. CATL is working on a showcase for these grant examples. Until the showcase is posted here, please contact CATL and we'd be happy to share with you some examples of funded projects. 

Apply for a Course Improvement Grant

Eligibility: Faculty and instructional academic staff with at least a 50% FTE during the cycle of application.

Faculty/staff from fully self-supporting programs are not eligible to receive funds from UWL-sponsored grant programs. Faculty/staff from self-supporting programs are encouraged to contact their department chair/unit director to request funds in support of their research, scholarly, pedagogical, and professional development endeavors.

Deadline: noon the Monday after Spring semester grades are due

  • Academic Year 23/24 Deadline: grant applications are due by noon on Monday, May 22, 2023 for grant work to be completed during Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, final report due June 1  

Application Guidelines: Complete the CATL Course Improvement Grants Application and submit as a single PDF file to 

Click on this link to access the Final Report Form

Questions? Please contact Bryan Kopp, Teaching and Learning Specialist in the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning.