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Lesson Study at UW-La Crosse

Lesson study is a teaching improvement activity in which instructors jointly plan, teach, observe, and refine class lessons. It can be a powerful way to explore your teaching practices and your students' learning.   More than 150 UWL instructors have participated in lesson study; current and recent lesson study teams are listed below.

The Lesson Study Project page contains information about how to do Lesson study, including an online guide,  tools, blog, and a showcase of examples.

How to get involved in lesson study

The Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning (CATL) offers lesson study orientation and training workshops throughout the academic year. Check the CATL workshop schedule for upcoming sessions. We also do lesson study orientation and training workshops by request. Contact Bryan Kopp, CATL Teaching and Learning Specialist, at bkopp@uwlax.edu


Since 2003 over 450 instructors in the UW System have participated in the Lesson Study Project.  The video below provides a brief overview of the project.

2016-2017 UWL Participants

  • Biology (Team I)- Peg Maher, Lisa Kobs
  • Biology (Team II) - James Schanandore, Sumei Liu, Christine Schwartz, Ryan Stapley 

2015-2016 UWL Participants

  • Art - Kate Hawkes, Bradley Nichols, & Misha Bolstad
  • Biology - Tisha King-Heiden, Faye Ellis, Lisa Kobs
  • Economics - Lisa Giddings, John Nunley                             
  • Mathematics & Statistics - Whitney George, Nathan Warnberg
  • Sociology & Archaeology (Team I) - Enilda Delgado, Carol Miller, Julie McReynolds-Perez
  • Sociology & Archaeology (Team II) - Adam Driscoll, Lisa Kruse

2014-2015 UWL Participants

  • Biology (Team I) - Anita Baines, Lee Baines, Barrett Klein
  • Biology (Team II) - Jennifer Klein, Gretchen Gerrish, Lee Baines, Barrett Klein
  • Biology (Team III) - Lee Baines and Barrett Klein
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry - Katherine Friesen and Yevgeniya Turov
  • Economics - Nabamita Dutta and James Murray
  • English - Ryan Friesen, Marie Moeller, Bryan Kopp
  • Health Professions - Virginia Gronwaldt, Barbara Johnson, Sandra Sieck, Michelle Thorman
  • Modern Languages - Michelle Pinzl and Rose Brougham

2013-2014 UWL Participants

  • Biology & Health Professions - Scott Cooper, Anne Galbraith, Anton Sanderfoot, Aileen Staffaroni, Melissa Weege
  • English - Ryan Friesen, Jennifer Mohlenhoff-Baggett, Bruce Handtke
  • History (Team I) - Julie Weiskopf, Gerald Iguchi, Patricia Stovey
  • History (Team II) - Gita Pai, Tiffany Trimmer, Marti Lybeck, Ariel Beaujot
  • Modern Languages (Team I) - Omar Granados and Joshua Everett
  • Modern Languages (Team II) - Omar Granados and Rose Broughham

2012-2013 UWL Participants

  • Chemistry - Melissa Anderson, Nadia Carmosini, Katherine Friesen
  • Economics - James Murray, T.J. Brooks, Laurie Strangman, Betsy Knowles, Bryan Kopp
  • English (Team I) - Kelly Sultzbach, Susan Crutchfield, Bryan Kopp
  • English (Team II)  - Bruce Handtke, Jennifer Mohlenhoff-Baggett, Ryan Friesen
  • Management / Marketing - Nicole Gullekson and Maggie McDermott
  • Modern Languages - Laura Merino and Matthew Field
  • Political Science - Jo Arney, Adam Van Liere, Tim Dale

2011-2012 UWL Participants

  • Economics - James Murray and Betsy Knowles
  • English - Kelly Sultzbach, Natalie Eschenbaum, Susan Crutchfield, Bryan Kopp
  • Health Professions - Melissa Weege and Aileen Staffaroni
  • Political Science and Public Administration - Jo Arney, Ray Block, Jeremy Arney, Steve McDougal
  • Psychology - Tesia Marshik, Bill Cerbin, Katherine Kortenkamp, Rob Dixon

More Information

The Lesson Study Project is supported by the UWL Office of the Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the UW System Office of Professional & Instructional Development (OPID).

For additional information contact Bryan Kopp, CATL Teaching and Learning Specialist, at bkopp@uwlax.edu