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The academic program is 68 credits and requires 23 months to complete. The program begins mid-summer and continues for 6 semesters.  The curriculum has strong components in athletic training and medical content, research, and clinical experiences. Students complete the program in a cohort with approximately 15 students per cohort based on quality of applicants and available positions.

Clinical Education occurring in the Athletic Training Center.

Student Outcomes

The ATP combines a strong classroom experience with valuable, supervised clinical educational opportunities. As such, the objectives of the ATP are:

  1. Assemble a thorough knowledge base beginning in the classroom setting;
  2. Provide students meaningful laboratory experiences to foster learning athletic training skills;
  3. Complete clinical experiences with a variety of activities  and patient populations;
  4. Prepare students for the Board of Certification examination;
  5. Develop professionals that abide by high professional and personal ethical standards, who value education and the importance of lifelong learning;
  6. Contribute in a positive manner to the continued development of the profession of Athletic Training.

By keeping these objectives in mind, the ATP seeks to prepare students for an ever-changing job world.

Course Sequence

Year 1


2 cr      ATS 740           Research Methods in AT
2 cr      ATS 745           Statistics for Athletic Trainers
4 cr      ATS 710           Emergency Care Principles in Healthcare
4 cr      ATS 700           Professional Practice and Athletic Training Healthcare
12 cr

Fall 1

3 cr      ATS 702           Functional Anatomy and Medical Physiology
5 cr      ATS 712           Diagnosis & Therapeutic Interventions I
4 cr      ATS 731           Athletic Training Clinical I
1 cr      ATS 741           Athletic Training Research I
13 cr

Spring 1

3 cr      ATS 704           Applied Neuroscience in Athletic Training
5 cr      ATS 714           Diagnosis & Therapeutic Interventions II
4 cr      ATS 732           Athletic Training Clinical II
1 cr      ATS 742           Athletic Training Research II
13 cr

Year 2

Summer 2

3 cr      ATS 716           Pathophysiology of General Medical Conditions
5 cr      ATS 720           Lifespan Wellness and Conditions
2 cr      ATS 722           Rehabilitation Psychology and Healthcare Sociology in Athletic Training
10 cr

Fall 2

3 cr      ATS 718           Healthcare Administration
3 cr      ATS 733           Athletic Training Clinical III
2 cr      ATS 743           Athletic Training Research III
2 cr      ATS 750           Athletic Training Readings
10 cr

Spring 2

6 cr      ATS 734           Athletic Training Clinical IV
2 cr      ATS 744           Athletic Training Research IV
2 cr      ATS 750           Athletic Training Readings
10 cr

68 cr Total