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The dual degree option (ES/AT) enables a student to receive both a Bachelor of Science degree in ESS: Exercise Science Pre-Professional Track and a Master of Science in Athletic Training degree from UW-La Crosse. Students typically complete the undergraduate requirements in three years followed by 23 months in the Athletic Training graduate program. The undergraduate requirements include completion of the general education program, college core requirements (except for a second major, minor, or individualized option), athletic training prerequisite course work, and the first two terms of the graduate Athletic Training curriculum. Declaration of an ES/AT major does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.

Sample Dual Degree Course Outline

Students may declare ES/AT at any time. A student declaring an ES/AT major should apply to the ES Pre-Professional Program during their 2nd year and to the Athletic Training graduate program a the beginning of their 3rd year.  

UW-La Crosse students will be selected for entrance into the graduate program in Athletic Training through a competitive application process. Participation in the undergraduate ES/AT dual degree program does not guarantee admission to the graduate program in Athletic Training.

To be considered for admission to the Athletic Training Graduate Program, the student must:

  1. Be a current student who has been accepted into the ESS: Exercise Science Pre-Professional Track program and has completed at least 60 undergraduate credits.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative UWL GPA of 3.0 to apply.

Priority application deadline for enrollment in the graduate program is December 1. After December 1, rolling admissions will follow. Application is through Athletic Training Central Application System (ATCAS).

Students admitted into the Athletic Training program must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in all course work and have a clinical evaluation score of 3.0 or above (5.0 scale). Failure to meet any one of these retention criteria requires the student to be on probationary status. If the student does not meet all criteria in two consecutive terms, the student will be removed from the program.

If a student were to be accepted into the Athletic Training program and choose not to continue, a maximum of 9 credit hours could be utilized to complete the ESS: Exercise Science Pre-Professional Track program. Additional courses to complete the ESS: Exercise Science Pre-Professional Track program would include CHM 104, ESS 383, any 3 credit sociology course and a BIO or MIC course (excluding BIO 105, BIO 312, and BIO 313) .

If a student were to choose to leave the program and want to re-enter, they would need to seek the approval from the Athletic Training Program Committee. Courses are taught once per academic year and therefore, courses could resume when the next needed course is offered.

Please direct any questions about the ES/AT Dual Degree Program to Dr. Cordial Gillette.