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The following guidelines delineate the role of an athletic training student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  As a student in the athletic training program, you are expected to conduct yourself in accordance with these guidelines during any and all clinical experience. 

Athletic Training Student Responsibilities include:

  • Athletic training students are enrolled in a clinical education course for which they will receive a grade primarily based on the completion of clinical proficiencies, attendance and participation in assigned clinical experiences and supplemental clinical experiences, clinical evaluations and other assigned coursework.  All clinical experiences are part of academic credit load. 
  • Students will communicate with their assigned preceptor at least one week prior to the start of the clinical experience.  
  • Students and preceptors will complete a clinical assignment agreement for each clinical experience.  
  • Students will represent the Athletic Training Program with professionalism and high personal ethical standards during all clinical experiences. 
  • Students will meet with the preceptor to review the student’s assessment at the midway point and end of the clinical experience. 
  • Students will evaluate the clinical site and the preceptor at the completion of all experiences. 
  • Students and Clinical Education Coordinator will meet after the completion of each clinical experience to review student’s clinical progress. 
  • Students will be expected to provide their own means of transportation to and from clinical experience sites as well arrange their own accommodations as necessary. 
  • Students must maintain current CPR/AED/First Aid (Minimum of CPR for the Professional Rescuer or BLS) certification throughout the duration of the program.