Degree-seeking students in the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration may choose to earn the certificate in Senior Living and Services Leadership as an additional credential.

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Academic Director

Keely Rees  Profile of Keely Rees

418N Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Women’s Health (pregnancy, exercise, maternal & child health, menstruation) Adolescent Health Behaviors; Health Policy and Advocacy; Motivational Interviewing, Grant Writing in Health and Human Services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dropping Classes expanding section
  • If you are dropping all your classes even if that’s only one class, then this is considered a withdrawal from the university and you must contact the Office of Student Life,, AND Keely Rees, There may be a withdrawal fee assessed.
  • If you will remain enrolled in other classes, but need to withdraw from a class contact Keely Rees,
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  • Apply for graduation immediately after registering for your final semester. Additional graduation information is available here.
  • You must complete a credit check with the College of Science and Health Dean's Office to verify that you have met all of the graduation requirements. 
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As a UW-La Crosse (UWL) student you are subject to the same policies and have the same rights as any UWL student no matter which campus is responsible for your Healthcare Administration class.