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Program director

Nishele Lenards  Profile of Nishele Lenards

Clinical Professor
4031 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Medical Dosimetry, Radiation Oncology, Distance Learning, Educational Technology

Clinical Coordinator

Anne Marie Vann  Profile of Anne Marie Vann

Education Coordinator-Med Dosimetry Program
4031 Health Science Center

Specialty areas:

Radiation Oncology, Medical Dosimetry


Peter Amann  Profile of Peter Amann

Application Review Specialist
4033 Health Science Center

Advisory Committee

The program advisory committee meets annually. The committee members communicate routinely via email or conference call throughout the year for various other issues.


Program Director: Nishele Lenards
Educational Coordinator: Anne Marie Vann
Radiation Therapy Program Director: Melissa Weege
Physics Advisor: Rakesh Patel
Medical Dosimetrist Advisors: Colleen Brogan-Raasch
                                                     Ashley Hunzeker

Adjunct Faculty Didactic Instructor Appointments

  • Ashley Hunzeker, MS, CMD
    • Research Methodology I, II, and III
  • Neil Joyce, MS, CMD
    • Fieldwork I, II, and III
  • Grayden MacLennan, MS, CMD
    • Imaging & Localization Concepts
  • Gina Passmore, EdD, RTT
    • Clinical Oncology
    • Radiobiology
    • Professional Issues
  • Rakesh Patel, PhD, DABR
    • Radiation Safety
    • Quality Assurance
  • Kimberly Schmidt, MS, DABR
    • Physics
    • Brachytherapy
  • Dana Koller, MS, CMD
    • Protocols & Studies

Clinical Adjunct Faculty Instructor Appointments