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  • Recent graduates, Liz McGinnis, Thomas Sutherland, and Michael Wheatley, placed 2nd in the national AAMD student writing competition for their graduate research project

    2021 AAMD Student Writing Competition

    1st Place: Dose accumulation of daily adaptive plans to decide optimal plan adaptation strategy for head-and-neck patients treated with MR-Linac
    Authors: Shin Yun Lim, Anh Ngoc Kieu Tran, Alan Tran, Jinzhong Yang, Angela Sobremonte, Lori Simmons
    Institution: The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

    2nd Place: Limiting Dose to the Lumbosacral Plexus for Pelvic-Paraaortic Cases with VMAT
    Authors: Elizabeth McGinnis, Thomas Sutherland, Michael Wheatley, Nishele Lenards, Ashley Hunzeker, Karen Lang, Ashley Fellows, Sabrina Zeiler
    Institution: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse        

    3rd Place: A comparison of robustness of volumetric modulated arc therapy and dynamic conformal arc therapy for lung stereotactic body radiation therapy 
    Authors: Kathlina M. Teague, BS; Daniel C. Miller, BS; Jacqueline A. Nyamwanda, MS, CMD; Hugh A. Prichard, BS, CMD; Michael C. Kirk, PhD, DABR
    Institution: Suffolk University

  • Current UWL Medical Dosimetry students placed in the Top 10 at the Quiz Bowl Competition during the annual AAMD Meeting (June 2021)

    There were 73 individual students who participated from all dosimetry programs. UWL had 4 current students who placed in the Top 10!! Quite an accomplishment considering our students are not even half-way through the program yet!

    1st: Mabel Lim – MD Anderson
    2nd: Ottmar Lezama – MD Anderson
    3rd: Robert Hayward - Grand Valley State University
    4th: Spencer Day – University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
    5th: Collin Nappi - University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
    6th: Jon-Isaac Cumberland – MD Anderson
    7th: Anh Tran – MD Anderson
    8th: Jina Lee - University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
    8th: Kathlina Teague (graduate, not eligible for prize) – Suffolk University
    9th: Ben Harrington – Suffolk University
    10th: Christian Czmielewski – University of Wisconsin- La Crosse


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