Requirements for a clinical site

In order to maintain a clinical site affiliation with the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Medical Dosimetry Program the following are required of the clinical site:

Staff Requirements 

  • Board certified Radiation Oncologist
  • Board certified Medical Physicist
  • Board certified Medical Dosimetrist


  • Treatment machine (>6MV)
  • Treatment machine (< or = 6MV)
  • Treatment machine generating electrons
  • CT Simulator
  • Treatment Planning System with modern hardware and software to include image fusion, photon, electron and IMRT calculation capabilities made available for student use during clinical hours
  • Ion chamber and other calibration equipment (including in-vivo)

Treatment Accessories 

  • Custom blocking
  • Immobilization devices
  • Wedges and compensating filters

Radiation Protection Services

External beam (3D & IMRT)

Brachytherapy planning services

Facility accreditation: TJC or DNV (hospital); ACR or APEx (department); or state agency (private practice)


(if the facility prefers the student remain on site for online coursework hours)

  • Computer with Internet access and space for independent study
  • Library with relevant books and journals