Requirements for a clinical site

In order to maintain a clinical site affiliation with the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Medical Dosimetry Program the following are required of the clinical site:

Staff Requirements 
    1.  Board certified Radiation Oncologist
    2.  Board certified Medical Physicist
    3.  Board certified Medical Dosimetrist
    1.  Treatment machine (>6MV)
    2.  Treatment machine (< or = 6MV)
    3.  Treatment machine generating electrons
    4.  Conventional simulator with TPCT or CT Simulator
    5.  Ion chamber and other calibration equipment (including in-vivo)
Treatment Accessories 
    1.  Custom blocks or MLC
    2.  Immobilization devices
    3.  Wedges and compensating filters (physical or dynamic)
Radiation Protection Services

External beam (3D & IMRT)

Brachytherapy planning services

Facility accredited by JCAHO, ACR, or State


Preferred (if the facility prefers the student remain on site for online coursework hours)

Computer and space for independent study

Library with relevant books and journals