Physical Education Teaching

Why earn a Master's degree in Physical Education Teaching at UW-La Crosse?

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Expansive graduate preparation

Our graduates are prepared to enrich and lead school physical education curriculum and instructional processes through application of research related to effective teaching and instructional program development and effectiveness. Graduates are able to lead outdoor adventure trips, direct challenge courses, and teach/coach in PK-12 and at the college/university level.

Youth on climbing wall

Choose your area of emphasis

Students in Physical Education Teaching (MS) may choose one of the two emphasis areas:

Adapted Physical Education emphasis

The addition of the Physical Education Teaching with Adapted Physical Education emphasis (MS) provides graduate level adapted physical education (APE) professional development. This is a practitioner oriented program for teachers seeking additional expertise, evidence-based content knowledge, technology skills, and clinical experiences in physical education for PK-12 students with disabilities.

Adventure & Outdoor Pursuits emphasis

The Physical Education Teaching with Adventure & Outdoor Pursuits emphasis (MS) allows students to specialize in a wide variety of outdoor activities. This is a practitioner oriented program for physical educators seeking specific expertise in adventure and outdoor pursuits. Students complete national ACCT challenge course certification training and develop challenge course management skills. 

While the majority of our students choose one of the emphasis options listed above, we pride ourselves in our ability to work with students to develop the program that best suits their needs. Occasionally, students choose to complete the Physical Educator Teaching (MS) program with no emphasis. If you are wondering about the best choice for you, reach out to Dr. Jenna Starck, Physical Education Teaching Graduate Program Director.

Diverse employment options

Graduates from our program are currently working in a variety of capacities including:

  • College/university instruction & coaching
  • Student teacher supervision
  • PK-12 department chair
  • PK-12 physical education teaching & coaching
  • Adventure guidance
  • Ropes course direction


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A day in the life of a grad student

Our students were challenged to describe their graduate experience with one image and six words. Below are the 2021 "Say it in 6" entries from the Physical Education Teaching graduate program. 

Contact our program

Jenna Starck  Profile of Jenna Starck

Assistant Professor
219 Mitchell Hall

Specialty areas:

Graduate Program Director - Physical Education Teaching 

Adventure Education/Outdoor Pursuits Emphasis Director

Research Interests: Assessment, Adventure Education and Outdoor Pursuits, and Occupational Socialization Theory