Financial Support

Tuition and Fees

Note: In addition to tuition, students in the program will incur additional expenses for the following:
            - books
            - lab fees
            - housing
            - housing and travel during clinical internships

Financial Aid

Upon accepting the program's offer of admission, new students will work with the UWL Financial Aid Office for assistance with financial aid matters, such as FAFSA.  For further information please visit UWL Financial Aid Office


Scholarships, administered by the UW-La Crosse Foundation, are available for full-time students enrolled in the DPT program and in the process of completing their first or second years.  There are two deadlines for scholarship application:

Polek Scholarships

In October of each academic year, both first and second year DPT students may apply for the Polek scholarships.  The number of scholarships awarded depends on the availability of funds.  Typically six full-tuition (for a calendar year) scholarships are awarded to both the first year and second year DPT students.  Scholarship applications are available from the Chair of the PT scholarship committee.  The Scholarship committee obtains input from all full-time and part-time PT faculty and obtains the necessary financial aid information from the Financial Aid Office on campus to aid in the selection process. Winners are announced during the annual PT Family and Friends weekend. Selection of recipients is based on the following criteria:

  • Priority one is attitude and character
  • Person who views PT as a calling - not a job
  • Individual who is more concerned about seeking and absorbing knowledge as opposed to being concerned about a grade on a test
  • Person who is patient-oriented and has demonstrated compassion
  • Person who has devoted time to helping their peers
  • Evidence of Community Service Involvement
  • Person who is willing to share treatment ideas or skills with peers
  • Individual who is selfless and totally professional
  • In summary - looking for a giving person - not a taker.

The person or persons who most satisfy these traits should be awarded the scholarship. In the event that superior candidates can not be identified based on attitude and character then financial need (based on information from financial aids office) and scholastic ability will be considered.

UWL Foundation Scholarships

The application deadline each academic year for all other UWL Foundation scholarships for DPT students is February 15.  The PT program scholarship selection committee will be reviewing applications, obtaining recommendation from other PT faculty, and selecting the scholarship recipients.  Scholarship recipients will be announced at the Honors Reception set for the last Monday in April in Valhalla.  Applications are available at the UWL Foundation office.  At the time of application, you must be enrolled in the DPT program and completing your first or second year at UWL.  One application will place you into consideration for the following scholarships:

  • Carsten & Zedona Christiansen Memorial Scholarship for Physical Therapy
  • Gwyneth Straker Clinical Excellence Award Fund
  • James A. and Deborah K. Gould Scholarship Fund in Physical Therapy
  • James A. Gould Memorial Scholarship Fund in Physical Therapy
  • Jean and William Gilles Scholarship Fund for Third Year PT Internships
  • Erin Lindsay Melin Scholarship
  • Physical Therapy Program Minority Scholarship
  • Lillian Smith Scholarship in Physical Therapy
  • Thorman Family "Pay It Forward" Scholarship for Physical Therapy
  • Robert & Judy Strzelczyk Scholarship in Physical Therapy
  • Tony and Rick Palmer Memorial Scholarship
  • UWL Physical Therapy Alumni & Friends Scholarships
  • Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association West Central District Scholarship

For more information please visit UW-La Crosse Foundation Scholarships