Grade Point Average (GPA)

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Cumulative GPA

A minimum cumulative GPA on all post-high school courses of 3.00, calculated on a 4-point scale, is required of all applicants.  The cumulative GPA calculated by PTCAS and listed on the applicant's PTCAS application will serve as the cumulative GPA of record.  Applicants not meeting the 3.00 requirement will be removed from consideration.  For questions regarding cumulative GPA calculation please contact PTCAS or review the PTCAS website.


Prerequisite GPA

A minimum GPA of 3.00 in the program's ten prereq courses is required of all applicants.  For repeated prereq courses only the single best effort is included in the prereq GPA calculation. Applicants not meeting the 3.00 prereq GPA requirement will not be considered for admission.  


International Applicants

For international applicants the program will include the coursework listed in the individual's foreign credential evaluation in determining GPA values.