Graduate faculty

Program Director

John Greany Profile of John Greany
Associate Professor
4073 Health Science Center
Specialty areas: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Physical Activity for Adults with Neurologic Disorders, Exercise Physiology, Health and Wellness

Associate Program Director

Michele Thorman Profile of Michele Thorman
Clinical Professor
4063 Health Science Center
Specialty areas: Healthcare administration, integument, amputee rehabilitation, foundational courses in examination and early intervention, clinical education and clinical decision making

Director of Clinical Education

Amy Taebel Profile of Amy Taebel
Clinical Assistant Prof
4072 Health Science Center
Specialty areas: Board Certified in Pediatrics

Associate Director of Clinical Education

Michelle Olson Profile of Michelle Olson Office hours
Clinical Assistant Prof
4070 Health Science Center
Specialty areas:

Acute Care

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Home Care

Admissions Chair

Paul Reuteman Profile of Paul Reuteman Office hours
Clinical Professor
4075 Health Science Center
Specialty areas:

Physical Therapy Examination, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Clinical Radiology


Heather Fortuine Profile of Heather Fortuine
Clinical Assistant Prof
4068 Health Science Center
Specialty areas:

Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy (NCS)

Parkinson's Disease

Health and Wellness

Patrick Grabowski Profile of Patrick Grabowski
Assistant Professor
4060 Health Science Center
Specialty areas: Motor behavior, Orthopedics
Thomas Greiner Profile of Thomas Greiner
Associate Professor
4065 Health Science Center
Specialty areas:

Human Anatomy, Comparative Evolutionary Biomechanics, Human Evolution, Kinematics, Biological Anthropology

Thomas Kernozek Profile of Thomas Kernozek
4071 Health Science Center
Specialty areas:

Biomechanics of Human Movement, Research Methods and Statistics


Associated Faculty

Christopher Durall Profile of Christopher Durall
System Metadata Clinical Phys Therapist
1111 Health Science Center
Specialty areas:

Board-Certified Specialist in Sports P.T.

SHC PT Clinical Education Coordinator

Drew Rutherford Profile of Drew Rutherford
Research Program Manager
3062 Health Science Center
Specialty areas: Motor Behavior, Biomechanics, Research Instrumentation

Adjunct Faculty

Lab Assistants & Guest Unit Presenters