Graduate Review Exam (GRE)

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All applicants are required to take the GRE general exam and submit official results.  No exceptions will be made to the GRE requirement, regardless of professional and/or academic background.  The deadline for completing the GRE is October 1 but may be completed sooner if you wish your application to be considered prior to the deadline of November 1.  The program will not accept any other exam results (i.e., subject specific exams) as a substitute for general GRE exam results.  GRE scores remain valid for five (5) years.  The program's PTCAS GRE code is 0344.  This code will result in ETS electronically forwarding test results directly to PTCAS for inclusion with the applicant's PTCAS record.  The program requires applicants achieve the following minimum scores in the three GRE categories:

  • Verbal - 143
  • Quantitative - 143
  • Analytical/Written - 3.0

Applicants not meeting the minimum score requirement in any of the three categories will not be considered for admission.