Prerequisite coursework

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There are ten courses that must be completed prior to beginning the program. Students who have not completed the courses may apply, if the demonstrate a plan to complete those courses before the program starts.

Accepted students will need to submit a final transcript demonstrating the successful completion of all prerequisite courses.  Courses must be completed at a regionally accredited institution, and the grade earned must be a C or higher.

Applicants will be considered to have met the prerequisites even if the courses were taken many years ago, however, with the program's academic rigor the applicant's current academic aptitude is considered.

One semester of General Biology with lab. Human Biology and Microbiology courses with labs are acceptable.

UWL Equivalent - BIO 105

1 semester of Human Anatomy AND 1 semester of Human Physiology; OR a two semester sequence of combined Human Anatomy & Physiology (A&P I and A&P II). Both courses must include a lab. Exercise Physiology courses are not acceptable.

UWL Equivalent - BIO 312 and BIO 313

A two semester General Chemistry sequence.  Both courses must include a lab.  Organic Chemistry courses with a lab are acceptable substitutes.

UWL Equivalent - CHM 103 and CHM 104

A two semester Physics sequence that addresses the fundamentals/principles of physics. Both courses must include a lab and be math based (algebra or calculus). Biomechanics courses are not acceptable substitutes.

UWL Equivalent - PHY 103 and PHY 104

1 semester of Statistics. Biometry/Biostats and Research Methods courses are acceptable substitutes.

UWL Equivalent - STAT 145

1 semester of Psychology. Common examples include, General, Introductory, Developmental and Abnormal.  

Equivalent UWL courses - PSY 100, 204, 212

1 semester of Sociology or Anthropology. A second Psychology course is an acceptable substitute.

UWL Equivalent - Any SOC or ANT course

The program accepts Advanced Placement (AP) credit, provided the official transcript from the undergrad institution lists the credits/courses for which AP credit was granted. For example, if a student received credit for their AP Stats performance their transcript should list a Stats course for which they were granted credit, such as UWL's STAT 145.  An AP exam score alone is insufficient. It is the credits listed on the official transcript which we evaluate and apply toward prerequisite course requirements.