Prerequisite coursework

All prerequisite (prereq) courses must be completed prior to beginning the program; without exception.  Students may apply with outstanding prereq courses so long as the student demonstrates a plan to complete those courses before matriculating in the program. Accepted students completing prereq courses while applying will need to submit a final transcript demonstrating the successful completion of these courses.  Comparable courses from regionally accredited institutions are acceptable.  No prerequisite coursework with a grade below C will be accepted.  The program does not have a "statute of limitations" on prerequisite courses.  Applicants will be considered to have met the prerequisites even if the courses were taken many years ago, however, with the program's academic rigor the applicant's current academic aptitude is considered.


General Biology Physics I
 4 credits  4 credits 
 Lab required   Lab required 
 UWL Course:  BIO 105   UWL Course:  PHY 103 
Human Anatomy or Human A&P I Physics II
 4 credits   4 credits 
 Lab required   Lab required 
 UWL Course:  BIO 312  UWL Course:  PHY 104 
Human Physiology or Human A&P II Statistics
 4 credits   3-4 credits 
 Lab required   UWL Course:  MTH 145 or STAT 145
 UWL Course:  BIO 313   
General Chemistry I Psychology
 4 credits   3-4 credits
 Lab required   UWL Course:  Any PSY course 
 UWL Course:  CHM 103   
General Chemistry II Sociology, Anthropology, or second Psychology
 4 credits   3-4 credits 
 Lab required   UWL Course:  Any SOC, ANT or PSY course 
 UWL Course:  CHM 104   

Common satisfactory courses from other institutions

If you would like to know whether a particular course will satisfy one of our prereq course requirements please email Pete Amann at  Please include the school where the course was taken, course number, and course description in your message.  You may also email for transcript reviews.  Please include a copy of your unofficial transcript as an attachment.