PT clinical observation hours

Forty (40) hours of either paid or volunteer patient care experience in two (2) distinctly different physical therapy patient care settings (e.g., Inpatient Rehabilitation, Acute Care, Subacute Care, Outpatient Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Skilled Nursing Facility, Schools, Home Health) under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist are required for admission.  The two (2) distinctly different experiences may occur within one institution, however, the patient populations must not overlap.  It is vital that this directive is followed as it insures that each applicant has appropriate exposure to diverse patient populations.  There must be a minimum of 20 hours in each setting. This experience may be either observational or participatory but must involve direct patient contact. 

Applicants enter their observation hours directly into their PTCAS application.  The program requires verification of all clinical observation hours by a licensed physical therapist.  The physical therapist may submit verification to PTCAS either electronically or by paper.  The UWL PT Program strongly encourages applicants request the physical therapists shadowed verify the hours observed electronically.  Verification submitted via paper requires greater processing time for PTCAS and may delay the completion of the applicant's application.