Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory

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The HSC's Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory is the hub of the La Crosse Institute for Movement Science (LIMS).  The 2,250 sq. ft. laboratory has capabilities for the acquisition of three dimension motion analysis via a 15 camera system, force and pressure distribution measurement equipment, and electromyography systems.  All Physical Therapy students take coursework in biomechanics, instrumentation, and research in the Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory. The student research practicum course allows students to work on faculty mentored research projects.

View of the UW-La Crosse Biomechanics Lab View of the UW-La Crosse Biomechanics Lab looking down the runway use for walking and running studies

A second laboratory within LIMS is the PACER (Performance Analysis for Clinical Exercise and Running Performance) lab.  There is a 10 camera motion analysis system and instrumented treadmill in this teaching/research space.

Running on Instrumented treadmill PACER lab

Running on instrumented treadmill side view PACER lab

Interested in learning more about Strzelczyk Laboratory activities?  Visit the Strzelczyk Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory and the La Crosse Institute for Movement Science (LIMS).