Working in the lab

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Graduate students in Physical Therapy have classes in the biomechanics laboratory and participate in research projects during their research practicum courses.  Students are encouraged to seek graduate student research funding to help defray costs associated with this project.  Many students have been co-authors of manuscripts with faculty mentors (see recent publications).  This is an excellent opportunity for students to be involved in cutting edge research.

A select number of undergraduate students also participate in research activities in the lab. Students who are in their sophomore or junior year of their undergraduate degree are ideal candidates where they participate in data collection, analysis, and computer programming. This may ultimately lead to a undergraduate research internship or writing an undergraduate research grant. The results from their project would be presented at undergraduate research day, state or national undergraduate research meeting. If you are a student that is interested in participating in lab activities, please contact Tom Kernozek via e-mail at

For both graduate and undergraduate students, this is an excellent opportunity to work in a lab setting related to your interests in human movement research. Experiences may help you reach your career goals.