Grade point average (GPA)

A minimum cumulative GPA on all post-high school courses of 3.00 (on a 4-point scale) is required of all applicants.  A minimum science GPA (as defined by CASPA) of 3.00 is also required.  The program uses the GPA’s calculated by CASPA and all GPA data is pulled directly from the applicant's CASPA record.  No exceptions will be made to the GPA requirement, regardless of circumstances or experience.  Those applicants not meeting the stated 3.00 GPA requirement will be ineligible for admission and removed from consideration.  While a 3.00 GPA (both cumulative and science) is necessary to be considered, due to the highly competitive nature of the program's admissions process admitted students will likely possess GPA's far exceeding the 3.00 minimum.

CASPA offers a thorough GPA FAQ section on their website outlining their GPA policies.  To learn more about CASPA and GPA please visit – CASPA GPA FAQ

For international applicants the program will include the coursework listed in the individual's foreign credential evaluation in determining GPA values.