Healthcare experience

The UWL - Gundersen - Mayo PA Program expects that applicants will have healthcare experience, in particular experience involving direct patient contact.  Such experience provides evidence of a career commitment to healthcare as a PA.  In the program's competitive admission process, the length and depth of healthcare experience is a selection factor.  We do not, however, require a specific amount of healthcare experience.  Historically, admitted applicants averaged three to six years of healthcare experience, with a range of three months to over 20 years. We need to be assured that applicants understand the joys and sorrows of health care and will be pleased to be a healthcare provider as a PA.

The program expects that applicants' healthcare experience will involve direct patient contact.  Among the positions commonly selected and more readily available with minimal training are nursing assistant, phlebotomist, and EMT.  The training for these positions ranges from a brief on the job experience to about six months.  There are often positions available in most communities with training in these areas, particularly nursing assistant and phlebotomy.  The availability of volunteer EMT positions is generally greater in rural areas.  The program, however, does consider all types of health care experiences and looks favorably on applicants that have been able to advance in their healthcare career and been given additional responsibility.