International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are considered on the same basis as any other applicant.  We have, in fact, offered admission to one IMG.  That said, our experience is that few of the IMGs who initiate an application actually complete the application process.  To be considered for admission, IMGs must complete the entire application process just like any other applicant, as well as those additional requirements for international applicants.

One critical feature of the PA profession is the fact that PAs are dependent practitioners, always practicing within a supervisory relationship with a physician. This approach to medical practice is quite different from the independent practice model of physicians.  IMGs should carefully consider and have some practical experience with this supervised role.  With a substantive understanding of that role, one would need to determine if it is an appropriate role given previous experience as a physician.  IMGs, like other applicants, need to fully understand the PA role and be able to articulate and endorse it for their own professional career.