Mission, vision and values

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Mission, Vision & Values


At IPSE, we:

  • Feel a deep responsibility to create a world where every child can learn and find happiness in chasing their dreams and passions
  • Work to further develop you as an uplifting, empathetic, and inclusive educator so you can create an environment where all students are able to discover their true selves

Because you are one of the strongest influences in a child’s life, we:

  • Equip you with practical life-long skills
  • Allow you to enable children so they can serve others and become more fulfilled individuals

We passionately work to build a dynamic, connected, and inspired community of learners dedicated to transforming the profession of education.


Through the lens of our innovative approach to education, we envision a world where all educators:

  • Long to increase their capacity for leadership and create a greater positive impact within their community
  • Empathetically build more authentic, diverse, and impactful relationships as they prepare our next generation of caring servant leaders

 We envision that our graduates are defined by their desire to:

  • Inspire those around them to live caring and influential lives
  • Create a better future for generations to come


We use a model of learning in community, where we integrate constructivism, experiential education, and relationship building to help you become better at serving others.

By valuing Student Achievement, we:

  • Improve your professional calling by further developing your pedagogical knowledge and cultural understanding
  • Embrace the art of facilitation and foster collaborative learning
  • Value human diversity and complexity by creating a safe, respectful, and challenging environment

By valuing a Passion to Impact Others, we:

  • Feel a responsibility to create better schools, districts, and communities
  • Inspire teacher leaders to use their voice in advocating for others

By valuing Empathy for Others, we:

  • Work to create authentic and meaningful relationships by understanding other people’s perspectives
  • Believe that all teachers deserve the respect of other professionals

By valuing Life-Long Learning, we:

  • Seek to further understand ourselves and others by listening, being empathetic, questioning, reflecting, and providing feedback
  • Strive for continuous improvement by engaging in constant assessment and evaluation