Mission, vision and values

Mission, Vision & Values


To build a community of learners dedicated to transforming the profession of education through innovative practices while embracing

  • Collaboration

  • Equity & Diversity

  • Experiential Education

  • Leadership

  • Reflection 


IPSE is, and will continue to be, recognized for innovative graduate education programs. Our graduates are leaders and will become positive agents of change in education.


Experiential Education is woven into the fabric of what we do, resulting in our commitment to…

Excellence in Academics, therefore we will…

  • Improve your professional calling by leading with passion and professionalism
  • Further develop your pedagogical knowledge by communicating best practices

Reflective Practice, therefore we will…

  • Seek to further understand ourselves and others by listening, questioning, and providing feedback
  • Strive for continuous improvement by engaging in constant assessment and evaluation

Learning in Community, therefore we will…

  • Embrace the art of facilitation and foster collaborative learning
  • Value human diversity and complexity by creating and a safe, respectful, and challenging environment where all voices are honored

Empowerment, therefore we will…

  • Include and honor all stakeholders
  • Inspire teacher leaders to use their voice in advocating for others