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Our learning communities give you the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and grow within a community. We welcome you to explore the benefits of this unique approach to advancing your education. You may begin the program as an individual, but you will graduate as part of a community.

Options for individuals with a bachelor's degree

This 32 credit program generally starts in either spring, summer, or fall terms.  The program can be taken in various formats (online, as a blend of online and in-person courses, or face-to-face).  Sequenced courses occur over four academic terms for the majority of the programs. The online program varies slightly in that it occurs over five academic terms with two summer sessions at UWL, and starts in either summer or spring terms.  Each Learning Community is led by 2 facilitators and brings together 15-40 students who work through the spiraled curriculum and graduate together.

The program is based on a learning-in-community, constructivist philosophy. Teachers who enroll make an 18-month commitment to achieve three goals:

  • to improve professional practice
  • to develop increased proficiency in a content-specific area
  • to earn a master's degree

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Explore our cohort options for the Professional Development: Learning Community - MSED:

The primary objective of the Professional Learning Community - Certificate is to:

  1. Develop and increase teachers’ knowledge and understanding of Professional Learning Communities
  2. Develop and increase teachers’ knowledge of and expertise with instructional strategies, including technology, to implement the Professional Learning Community Learning outcomes effectively
  3. Design and evaluate assessments that inform their instruction of the Professional Learning Community Learning outcomes

The certificate program consists of four graduate level courses (12 credits) that are offered in a face-to-face, blended, or online format.

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