Professional Studies in Education

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  • Change the way you teach! Reach more students and have more impact on them with our innovative program.
  • Learn today! Apply tomorrow! You take practical content to the classroom immediately.
  • The constructivist and reflective format helps you fill gaps and focuses on the areas where you want to improve your practice.
  • Create your Professional Development Plan and more clearly define: Who are you are as a teacher? What is important to your practice? How do you want to improve?
  • Working in community with other professional educators builds on the knowledge, experience and feedback from other members, creating a more rich and dynamic learning environment.

Benefits of Building Your Support Network

  • Our program can come to you! Look for a location near you on our website. It is designed for the specific needs of adult learners. Flexible scheduling lets you meet your family and career demands.
  • Our program seeks and values your point of view! Customize your curriculum to meet self-directed needs in a supportive environment.
  • Our program enriches the learning experience through collaboration. Develop a network of professional educators to support your practice.
  • Experiential learning - it is hands on, practical, and makes learning fun.
  • Membership in the Master Teachers Community!