To build a Master Teachers Community dedicated to improving the craft of teaching in order to help all students reach their highest potential.

Learning outcomes of mission:

Every LC graduate student will...

  1. Improve content and pedagogical knowledge.
  2. Experience professional and personal transformation.
  3. Conduct action research.
  4. Utilize authentic assessment.
  5. Exhibit teacher leadership.
  6. Improve PK-16 student learning.
  7. Support PK-16 student development and self efficacy.
  8. Create and sustain a professional learning community environment.

Values (How must we behave):

We are committed to…

Excellence in Academics, therefore we will…

  • lead with passion and professionalism.
  • cultivate resourcefulness.
  • model best practices.
  • communicate effectively.

Reflective Practice, therefore we will…

  • engage in constant assessment and evaluation.
  • seek to understand.
  • strive for continuous improvement.
  • listen, question and provide feedback to self and others.

Learning in Community, therefore we will…

  • foster collaborative learning.
  • embrace the art of facilitation.
  • value human diversity and complexity.
  • create and maintain a safe, respectful and ethical environment where all voices are honored.

Empowerment, therefore we will…

  • focus on students.
  • include and honor all stakeholders.
  • inspire teacher leaders.
  • challenge students to use their voice to advocate for others.