What is a Learning Community & Who are Our Students?

If you are an educator or other professional willing to make an investment in yourself to achieve your goals in life and your career, then our MSED programs are the right fit for you. We give you the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and grow within a community of alike-colleagues who are also highly-motivated. Members of each community bring their collective knowledge and experience together to help create infinite possibilities for learning. This diverse group of learners fosters a unique opportunity for your experience to be enriched by the successes and failures of each learner. You begin the program as an individual and graduate as a community.

You will naturally build friendships and develop a supportive personal and professional network to continue in the rest of your life. Smaller groups are formed to work together and support one another throughout the process.

We equip you with immediate tools and strategies, allowing you to shape lives and careers. Through focusing on immediate implementation into your practice, you learn to build on the strengths you already have and begin to see your practice as continuous improvement, increasing the meaningful impact you can have on others.

Each Learning Community brings together 15-40 students, led by 2 facilitators, who start the graduate program together, work through the spiraled curriculum over each of the four semesters, and graduate together.  ME-PD Learning Communities offer many benefits, such as:

  • Students get the personalized attention of a small college network with the resources of the University of Wisconsin system.
  • Students collaborate, learn and grow with colleagues who have similar professional goals.
  • Learning Communities naturally build friendships and create professional and personal networks.

Within each Learning Community, smaller groups are formed to work together and support one another for the duration of the program.  Educators from all areas of PK-16 education, as well as professionals from other fields, successfully graduate from this program.  Although it is not absolutely necessary to be teaching, students need an academic workplace to apply the curriculum and conduct Action Research.

Professionals who have graduated from the MSED Learning Community include:

  • PK-16 Educators (including music/band, art, physical education and special education teachers)
  • Technical college instructors
  • Youth counselors
  • Police officers
  • Nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • School administrators
  • Pre-school educators 

Update: The 2020 Fall for Education Conference has been cancelled.
The Fall for Education Conference is the first full weekend in November annually.  The conference is part of learning outcomes for each IPSE program including Educational Leadership, Director of Instruction, MSED Learning Communities, and Reading.  A Special Course Fee of $60.00 is incorporated into fall tuition for the conference to help compensate for meals and breaks. Attendance at the conference is a program requirement.