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Reading Teacher Certification Program

This track is offered to candidates who want to have an add on license for Reading Teacher (1316). There are 18 credits of course work required. A Reading Teacher license is required for the following: 1) an assignment to teach reading for more than one class per day; 2) an assignment to teach reading in a Title 1 reading program,; and 3) an assignment t teach a reading recovery program, if not part of a self-contained classroom.

Reading Programs begin exclusively in the fall term and application deadline is August 1st.


Applicants for admission to any of the graduate Reading Program tracks (including international students applying to the Master of Science without certification program) must meet all the requirements established for general admission to graduate studies at UWL.  

In addition, applicants to one of the Reading Program tracks with certification (Reading Teacher with Master of Science, Reading Teacher and Specialist with Master of Science, Reading Teacher Add-On Certification) must also submit copies of teaching licenses or certificates. Applicants to these programs who do not have a teaching license or certificate must show proof of:

  • Completion of student teaching or equivalent in pre K-12 schools,
  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree
  • Eligibility to be certified or licensed as a pre K-12 teacher

Reading Teacher (1316) or Reading Specialist (5017) certification is contingent upon:

  • Satisfactory completion of appropriate Reading Program coursework, associated experiences, and artifacts (thesis, portfolio, etc.)
  • Passing score on the Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT; score of 240 or higher),
  • Successful completion of at least two years of teaching at the pre K-12 level.
Term 1
RDG 601 Literacy and Language Development for Diverse Learners 3 credits
RDG 703 Literacy Assessment and Instruction 3 credits
Term 2
RDG 712 Critical Issues in Reading Difficulties (RDG 601 req.) 3 credits
RDG 714 Literacy Practicum 3 credits
Term 3
RDG 702 Reading & Literacy in the Content Area 3 credits
RDG 715 Children's and Adolescent Literature 3 credits
TOTAL   18 credits

For licensure, candidates must also have earned a passing score (240) on the Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT) and have completed two years of successful teaching in pre K-12 schools. 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees vary among UW System campuses, and sometimes among programs within a campus.  For the ME-PD Learning Community program, tuition fees are the same for both in state and out of state residents.  Tuition and fees are determined late summer immediately preceding each academic year.  

Credit Tuition
Single Credit $450.00
8 Credit Semester $3,600.00
7 Credit Semester $3,150.00
6 Credit Semester $2,700.00

There will be a Fall for Education Conference special course fee of $50 in addition to your Fall tuition. Application fee is $56.  Each semester there is also a $25 registration charge and a $2 per credit fee for D2L services.  There is a $38 graduation fee charged your last semester to cover the cost of the diploma, cover and commencement ceremony. 

If you have questions about fees, contact the Cashier's Office or the Office of Admissions.  The Board of Regents reserves the right to change tuition and fees without published notice.

In addition to tuition, book costs will average $100-200 per semester.  Your facilitators will communicate required book lists throughout the semesters.  Also budget for school supplies (paper, pens, folders, etc.).


Financial Aid

Financial Aid - IF APPLICABLE

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at You will be asked to insert the Federal School Code for UW-La Crosse which is: 003919


  • Maximum enrollment is limited to 24 degree seeking students, so apply now!
  • Your completed Application for Graduate Admission secures a seat in the program.
  • Have a group of interested individuals in our program? We will bring a Learning Community to your location.

Step One: Application to Graduate School

Complete the Application for Graduate Admission form and remit a $56* nonrefundable application fee online at:
*Nonrefundable: The $56 application fee will be refunded if the class session does not reach the minimum enrollment of 10 students for online or 18 students for blended and face-to-face sessions.

Reading - Reading Teacher Certification Only (Online) * Teacher Certification [SED}

  • For this Online Reading Learning Community, choose Reading - Reading Teacher Certification Only (Online) * Teacher Certification [SED} when completing the Graduate Admission form.

Request ALL OFFICIAL UNDERGRADUATE transcripts from ALL previous post-secondary     institutions attended.  This includes transfer credits even if they appear on another school transcript.  If you attended UW-La Crosse, you do not need to request those transcripts.  Please contact each institution individually to request your academic records.  Most universities allow you to request transcripts online.

All official transcripts must be sent directly to:
Graduate Admissions Office
142 Cleary Center
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

Or by email to:

Step Two: Financial Aid - IF APPLICABLE

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at  You will be asked to insert the Federal School Code for UW-La Crosse which is: 003919

Step Three: Registering for 1st Semester Courses

Registration opens when the Learning Community (LC) is confirmed. Once the LC is confirmed, registration materials, book lists and other information will be emailed to you a couple weeks prior to the beginning of your first weekend.
Register for your first semester courses using our WINGS system at: