Cost of Attendance

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School Psychology Online (M.S.Ed. + Ed.S.)

Tuition is $575/credit. Being designed for licensed educators, the online program has 9 fewer credits than our on-campus program. 

In the table, each year of the program starts with summer classes. 

YEAR 1 15 $8,625 $150 $8,730
YEAR 2 18 $10,350 $111 $10,461
YEAR 3 18 $10,350 $149 $10,499
YEAR 4 10  $5,750 $96 $5,846
TOTAL PROGRAM COST       $35,536

Fees include registration, technology, and graduation fees charged to online students. Costs above do not include purchase of textbooks.

Note we anticipate students will continue working during their degree. Students will earn their Master's at the end of Year 2, and will be eligible to be hired as a School Psychologist during their internship (Year 4 of the program).

Be sure to reach out to your school or district administrators to ask if they can provide any tuition assistance. 

For information about paying for the program, visit our Financial aid page, especially the program scholarships and the Advanced Opportunity Program

Olga Santoyo-Garcia can answer questions about program costs.