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We know how hard it can be to recruit a School Psychologist for your school or district, or to cover the costs of contracted services for a School Psychologist.

That's why we designed our program to help you "grow your own school psychologist" from an educator already working and living in your community.

Students will be eligible to provide independent school psychological services, with support from the university and field supervision, during their internship (4th year of the program). 

We encourage you to be active in your outreach to potential applicants, providing them with information about how your school or district can support them with tuition support or other forms of assistance. 

A school psychologist walks with a student in a school hallway.

Assurance of support for applicant

Each applicant for the UWL School Psychology Online degree program must have a school or district administrator complete an Assurance of Support for Applicant form. The individual completing this form must have hiring authority for School Psychologists. Applicants from Milwaukee Public Schools must contact Melannie Litscher, Supervisor in the Office of Psychological Services ( regarding the assurance of support. 

On this form, the hiring authority will be asked to acknowledge the following: 

  • The applicant has worked for at least one year in PK–12 education, and the school or district anticipates the applicant's continued employment during the program and after its completion. 
  • The school or district will identify a school psychology mentor either within the district or the CESA. UWL will provide a small stipend for these individuals.
  • The school or district will provide access to assessment kits (e.g., WISC-V, WJ-IV Cog, WJ-IV Ach, BASC-3, ABAS) for learning and development as well as for use during their practicum.
    • UWL will be providing students with the necessary protocols, as well as providing access to some infrequently-used test kits. 
  • The school or district will allow the applicant to accrue 500 hours of school psychology practicum in the 3rd year of the program, about 14 hours per week for a 36-week school year. 
    • As much as possible, these practicum hours should not be in addition to normal contract hours.
    • Please note that the applicant cannot be required or allowed to provide independent school psychological services until the 4th year of the program, during their internship.
  • Your school or district acknowledges that the 61-credit Masters and Education Specialist degree in School Psychology is a distinct specialty that requires focused learning and application of skills.
    • As such, it would be inappropriate for the district to pursue a 1-year License with Stipulations ( “emergency school psychology license”) until the applicant has completed at least 250 hours of practicum.
    • Even with the temporary license in the 3rd year, the applicant will continue to need additional teaching and supervision to adequately complete the job requirements.

Contact Program Director Rob Dixon if you have questions.