Do you want to improve your grades? We are here to help!

The Murphy Learning Center is a place where all UW-La-Crosse students can receive free tutoring services in a variety of courses.  The Murphy Learning Center is located in 251 Murphy Library.  Hours vary depending on the subject.  Check out the individual course links for more information. 


The mission of the Murphy Learning Center is to foster an inclusive environment where academic learning flourishes.


The Murphy Learning Center is dedicated to developing and maintaining high quality education by:

  • providing tutoring services that address the needs of our diverse student population
  • creating a welcoming, safe environment where all can learn
  • encouraging a variety of learning strategies
  • empowering students to achieve their highest potential both in and outside of the classroom
  • elevating students' confidence
  • cooperating with faculty and staff to meet student needs


New this year to the Learning Center is a class dedicated to teaching the people that tutor our students. We have implemented a class that is required for all new and returning tutors. This class is designed to help ensure the consistent quality of the tutors in the Learning Center. It focuses on learning strategies, tutoring techniques, and communicating with students. This class is an extension of the mission and vision of the Learning Center: by continuing to improve the quality and consistency of our tutors we continue fostering an inclusive environment where learning and academics can flourish.



For general questions and comments regarding the Murphy Learning Center, contact