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Accounting Department Tutoring
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Tips for success in Accounting classes

Accounting is a difficult but rewarding subject. Doing well in an accounting class will require that students spend a significant amount of time on related course work and assignments to comprehend the material. The time required varies from student to student but some general guidelines to follow are:

  • Attend class and take notes
  • Read textbook assignments in a timely manner
  • Complete all homework in a timely manner
  • Ask questions and participate in class
  • Spend sufficient time studying for all quizzes and exams

Accounting tutors are available to all students that need assistance with ACC 221 and ACC 222. For questions regarding the accounting tutor hours, please contact the Accountancy Department ADA, Deanna, at 785-8093 or by email

Accountancy tutor coordinator

William Maas Profile
Associate Professor
415B Wimberly Hall

Accountancy tutors

Here at the Murphy Learning Center, our tutors are all friendly, qualified individuals. All of our tutors have gotten good grades in the classes they tutor and have been recommended by faculty from their department. In addition to their knowledge our tutors are now taking a class designed to make them effective tutors. Meet our tutors!