Resources in MLC

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The Murphy Learning Center has a wealth of resources for the students of UWL. The first and most obvious being our tutors. These highly capable individuals have been selected and trained to help facilitate your learning in a variety of ways. What else does the MLC have to offer? Take a look below to find out!

Resources for Tutees

Our resources for tutees aren't limited to our tutors. We have many additional resources to offer the students of our campus.

Anatomy Models- In the biology room we have several anatomical models to aid in studying for the lab portion of any anatomy courses offered at UW-L. We have full skeletons and bone sets in addition to models of muscles, lungs, kidneys, and several other organ systems. These models are a great supplement to the instruction students receive in lab and can be invaluable in attaining higher grades on practicals.

SMART Board Usage- The Learning Center has a room equipped with a SMART board that can be used by students. This would be perfect for a class in which a presentation on a SMART board would be required. The SMART board room is located directly outside of the Writing Center.

Whiteboards- While this may seem like a minor thing, being able to write things out and quickly erase them can be a great tool in studying for exams. Students are always welcome to come in and use any of the available whiteboards regardless of whether or not they need a tutor.

Space- Again another seemingly minor detail, but when a group project is in order space can be an invaluable resource. The Learning Center is open anytime the library is. Students are free to come in even when there aren't tutors available. This allows students to make use of the open spaces and large tables available, which are perfect for group projects or study sessions.