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College credit in high school

Posted 8 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022

Students in the Concurrent Enrollment Program from Westby High School in winter of 2022.

High school teachers and UWL faculty partner to engage high school students in college-level classes early on

High school students can earn high school and college credit at the same time through UW-La Crosse’s Concurrent Enrollment program 

Several school districts across the Coulee Region have partnered with UWL for the program, giving their high school juniors and seniors a preview of the academic rigor and pace of university courses while learning within the walls of their high school. 

"UWL's concurrent enrollment program allowed me to challenge myself in ways I wasn't always afforded at a rural public school,” says Alexis Gilkes, a 2014 graduate of Westby High School. “I grew as a writer, a researcher, and a critical thinker. To do so with a teacher I already knew, just made sense and prepared me for the successes I found in college." 

Most concurrent enrollment program courses are taught over the course of an entire school year. Students are taught by their high school teachers who work in close collaboration with UWL faculty to ensure the class matches what is offered at UWL. Some courses include activities on campus as well.  

“In the UWL concurrent enrollment program we build real connections between faculty and teachers,” says UWL Dean of Graduate & Extended Learning Meredith Thomsen. “Most importantly, the program helps students see that they’re ready for college-level work. The goal is to empower them to take that next step in their education.”   

Benefits for high school students 

  • Lower cost per credit for Concurrent Enrollment students than for a full-time college student. College credit at $110/credit vs. ~$300/credit 
  • Get a preview of college during high school 
  • Potential accelerated completion of a college degree and entering the workforce sooner 
  • UWL course credits are highly transferrable to colleges and universities coast-to-coast.   

Benefits for school districts 

  • Provides development and mentorship for high school teachers by partnering with UWL faculty  
  • Differentiated learning opportunities for high performing students  
  • Increases students' access to post-secondary education  
  • Accessible instruction that takes place at your school
  • Partner with UW System's top-ranked public comprehensive campus  

Partner with UWL for Concurrent Enrollment 

UWL Graduate & Extended Learning coordinates the Concurrent Enrollment program. High school districts, teachers and students can learn more at 

Watch the video 

High school students share their experience in the program. 


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