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Graduate school at UWL: One student's journey

Posted 2:26 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Graduate Student Jesimiel Banjiram is an international student from Nigeria. He came to study at UW-La Crosse in 2016, earning his undergraduate degree and then continuing on with UWL's master's program in Student Affairs Administration. He was initially attracted to UWL because of its strong reputation as one of the best schools in Wisconsin.
"So the first time I got here, I was very shy. I did not want to engage in the community or engage in any sort of activities that they had going on," says Banjiram. "But after my sophomore year, I started to get to know more people, get my different networks ... That really changed my trajectory, especially for what I would like to study."
Banjiram was admitted into the two-year Student Affairs Administration graduate program. He is learning skills in areas such as leadership, assessment and evaluation of student support programs. As part of the program, he serves as a graduate assistant in UWL's Office of International Education and Engagement where he advises students who want to study abroad and also assists with activities of the office such as organizing international student orientation and educating others about the visa process.
Professors have been interested in his development as a student and truly care for students, he says. "They're interested in your whole life, not just the academic piece of things," he says.
He calls UWL's campus a "friendly environment" where he feels comfortable to ask questions and get help finding the resources he needs.
"I've been able to develop a lot of connections -- a lot of networks. I've met my best friends here, so just having that support group is really nice."
He calls UWL his second home.
"So looking back, I'll just be thankful for the experiences, the friends I was able to make, the networks I was able to establish, and knowing that these people would always reach out to me and make sure that — wherever I am in ten years — I'm doing great."
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