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A page within University Police Department

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Are officers at UW-La Crosse real police officers?

Yes. UW-La Crosse Police Officers are state certified and must undergo the same training as the La Crosse Police Department, La Crosse County Sheriff's Department, and other state agencies.

Do I dial 911 on campus for emergencies?

Yes. In life threatening emergency situations, dial 911 regardless of your location. The 911 center will contact campus police immediately.

If I'm underage and drink off campus, could I get in trouble when I return to campus?

The legal drinking age in the State of Wisconsin is 21 years of age.  Therefore, you have violated Wisconsin State Statutes and are subject to a citation. You could also face sanctions from the University.

What is a SANE nurse?

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is a registered nurse (RN) who has received special training in order to provide comprehensive care to the sexual assault patient, and who has been specially trained on collecting forensic evidence (evidence that is suitable for use in court). The SANE will discuss what happened to you, do an exam looking for injury, provide medication to decrease your chance of getting sexually transmitted infections, and also offer medication that will prevent a pregnancy. In addition to medical treatment and forensic evidence collection, you will be provided the names of other professionals who will be available to you on a referral basis for follow-up care.

If you believe you have been Sexually Assaulted it is best if you do not bathe, shower, change your clothes, or brush your teeth after the assault since some evidence may be lost. If you have done any of these, still come in and discuss it with the SANE. An exam can still be done.

What is a blue light?

The UWL campus has a variety of blue-light emergency telephones located throughout campus. The telephones automatically ring to University Police when activated.

Can I bring a firearm to campus if I have a concealed carry permit?

No, all University Buildings including outdoor facilities are clearly posted "NO FIREARMS OR WEAPONS" allowed. There is no exception for persons with a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

What kind of motorist services do you provide?

The UWL Police Department will provide you with a booster pack to jump start vehicles, vehicle unlock, compressed air, and lock de-ice. We can also arrange for towing service if needed.

Where is the Police Department located?

The UW-La Crosse Police Department is located at 605 17th St N. It is attached to the parking ramp and shares the same space as the Parking Department.

When can I get a copy of a police report?

Police reports can be requested after an initial appearance has happened within that case.