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Adam Driscoll

Specialty area(s)

Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Food and Agriculture, The Environmental Impacts of Agriculture, Online Pedagogy

Brief biography

I began to study environmental sociology under Bob Edwards at East Carolina University. He introduced me to the numerous social and environmental consequences associated with eastern North Carolina's hog industry and we have maintained and active research agenda studying those. While obtaining my Ph. D at North Carolina State University, I worked with Ed Kick and Brett Clark, studying the environmental consequences of our global food and agriculture system. Along the way, I started teaching online and studied how successful the online teaching medium can be and grew interested in exploring what constitutes effective online pedagogy. Here at UWL, I hope to continue my work on North Carolina's hog industry while also extending my focus to agricultural and environmental issues in Wisconsin. I've recently started following the struggle over the proposed Gogebic Taconite mining project in NW Wisconsin and hope to study it further.

Current courses at UWL

The Social World
Environmental Sociology
Foundations of Sociological Analysis
Technology in Society


Ph.D. Sociology North Carolina State University, 2014

M.S. Sociology East Carolina University, 2007

B.S. Biology Drexel University, 2001

Teaching history

In the past I have taught a variety of sociology courses at North Carolina State and East Carolina University, both in person and online. Before switching over to sociology, I previously taught a number of biology courses at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Professional history

2014-present University of Wisconsin, La Crosse- Assistant Professor
2007-2014 North Carolina State University- Visiting Instructor
2011-2012 East Carolina University- Research Investigator
2005-2007 East Carolina University- Visiting Instructor and Research Assistant

Research and publishing


MacNell, Lillian, Adam Driscoll, and Andrea N. Hunt. (2015) “What’s in a Name: Exposing Gender Bias in Student Ratings of Teaching.” Innovative Higher Education 40(4): Forthcoming.

Driscoll, Adam and Edward L. Kick. (2013) “Naval Stores Extraction in Eastern North Carolina: The Historical Basis of Spatial Inequality within a Core Nation.” Journal of World-Systems Research XIX(1):1-23.

Driscoll, Adam, Karl Jicha, Andrea N. Hunt, Lisa Tichavsky, Gretchen Thompson. (2012) “Can Online Courses Deliver In-Class Results?: A Comparison of Student Performance and Satisfaction in Online Versus Face-to-Face Classrooms.” Teaching Sociology 40(4):312-331.


Driscoll, Adam and Bob Edwards. (2015) “From Farms to Factories: The Social and Environmental Consequences of Industrial Swine Production in North Carolina.” Chapter 12 in Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology. 2nd ed, edited by K. A. Gould and T. L. Lewis. New York: Oxford University Press.


Driscoll, Adam. (2013) “NIMBY Movements.” In The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements, edited by D. A. Snow, D. della Porta, B. Klandermans, and D. McAdam. Oxford, England: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd.