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Specialty area(s)

Applied Statistics

Current courses at UWL

MTH405/505(Statistical Methods)
MTH145(Elementary Statistics)


Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Southwestern Louisiana

May, 1992


M.S. in Engineering Management, University of Southwestern Louisiana

May, 1985


B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Southwestern Louisiana

May, 1982


Ph.D. Dissertation

Some Point Estimation Problems in A Decision-Theoretic Setup


Teaching history

Two years at University of southwestern Lousiana (92-94)
University of Wisconsin LaCrosse(1994-Present)

Professional history

Professional History

1994-Present                           Mathematics Department

                                                University of Wisconsin La Crosse


August 1998-Spring99            Biostatistical Consultant, Gundersen Fundation                     

                                                La Crosse, WI


August 1996-2000                  Statistical Consultant, University of Wisconsin  La Crosse



August 1992- July 1994          Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics Dept&Statistics Dept.

                                                University of Southwestern Louisiana


August 1988- May 1992         Graduate Teaching Assistant, Statistics Dept.

                                                University of Southwestern Louisiana

Research and publishing

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse,96-present:Work as a statistical Consultant for UW-La Crosse  teaching graduate students and  faculty members how to use SPSS statistical software and help them with their  statistical analysis ( Design of Experiment, Modeling and data Analysis for the research projects performed by the faculty and the graduate students). Teach workshop classes on computer statistical analysis as well.


Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation,La Crosse, WI, August 98-spring99:Worked as Biostatistician for the Gundersen Medical Foundation helping in the data analysis using different statistical methods.


United way of La Crosse, La Crosse, WI and Department of social workUW-La Crosse, July 95-Aug 95: Worked as a statistical consultant for both agencies


La Crescent School District, La Crescent, MN.  June 98-Sep 98: Did Statistical Analysis for Decision-Making Matrix "Survey Instrument " used      by the district.


Department of Statistics, University of Southwestern Louisiana 89-92: Worked with a consulting group (3 years consulting class)help faculty and graduate students from the Biology and Education departments in the analysis of their research projects.


Department of Geography and Earth Science, UW-La Crosse and  National Weather service, La Crosse 97-98:  Helped with  the analysis ofdata they collected to study Flash floods in the La Crosse Area.


Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center, La Crosse, June 96-Dec 96:Worked as a statistical Consultant  developing  archaeological predictive model for Native American archaeological sites at Fort McCoy, Monroe County, WI.


Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, La Crosse, July 99-present: Worked as a Statistical Consultant providing statistical methodology and results.

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Internal Reports


  1. Abdulaziz Elfessi, Constance Arzigian, Robert Boszhardt, Jean Dowiassch (1998).

     "An archaeological predictive model of the Oneota  culture settlements in La Crosse County, Wisconsin". Report of Investigation# 317, the  Historical Society of Wisconsin.


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  1. Internal Report#2: Affirmative Action Office " Minority students Education:A Study of Dropouts". A. Elfessi



Published Abstracts&presentations:


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