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Anne Mach

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Science Education and Immunology

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Current courses at UWL

Laboratory Manager for MIC 407 Pathogenic Bacteriology, MIC 410 Immunology Laboratory, MIC 421 Virology Laboratory, CLI 395 Urinalysis & Body Fluids, CLI 410 Clinical Hematology, and CLI 420 Immunohematology since March 2015


B.S. Chemistry/Biochemistry from University of Missouri-Rolla; 1985-1989 

M.E.P.D. Secondary Science Education from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; 1989-1991 

M.S. Biology/Microbiology Concentration from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; 1997-1999 

Teaching history

1991-1992 at Westbrook/Walnut Grove High School, MN:  Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Advanced Biology

1992-1997 at North Branch High School, MN:  Biology, Physical Science, Physics, Principles of Technology

1996 at Cambridge Community College, MN:  Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture and Lab

1997-2001 at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse:  BIO 101 Lab, MIC 100 Lecture and Lab, MIC 361 Immunology Lab

2001-2014 at Central High School, WI:  Biology, Advanced Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry