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Anup Menon Nandialath

Specialty area(s)

Strategic Management, International Business, Research Methods

Current courses at UWL

MGT 449 - Administrative Policy Determination


PhD: The Ohio State University, 2009

MS: Kansas State University, 2004

PGDFM: Institute for Financial Management and Research, 2000

BBA: University of Madras, 1997

Teaching history

Undergraduate Courses:

Strategic Management - Capstone 

Quantitative Methods


Graduate Courses:

Data and Decisions: Analytics in Practice

International Business Strategy

Advanced Econometrics

Professional history

Dr Nandialath has previously taught at HEC Paris and Zayed University. Prior to entering academia he was a research analyst with a leading financial news publisher in India. 

Research and publishing

Research - Published/Forthcoming

Nandialath, Anup Menon; Emily, David; Diya, Das and Ramesh, Mohan (2018) “Modeling the determinants of turnover intentions: A Bayesian Approach ” Evidence-based HRM: a global forum for empirical scholarship, (Forthcoming)

Graham, Allan; Nandialath, Anup Menon; Skaradzinski, Debra; Rustambekov, Elzotbek (2017) “Macroeconomic determinants of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) adoption: Evidence from the Middle East North Africa Region ” Accounting and Taxation, 9(1): 39-49

Stapleton, Andrew and Nandialath, Anup Menon (2017) “The role of NVOCCs and OTIs on Reducing the Threat of Counterfeits: A Contracting Perspective ” Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy, 83(4): 295-308

Arin, Kerim; Kuhlenkasper, Torben and Nandialath, Anup Menon (2015) “Critical Thresholds for Budget Consolidations: A Semi-Parametric Approach” Applied Economics Letters, 22(16): 1293-1297

Arin, Kerim; Huang, Victor; Minniti, Maria; Nandialath, Anup Menon and Reich, Otto, (2015)  “Revisiting the Economic Determinants of Entrepreneurship: A Bayesian Approach” Journal of Management, 41(2): 607-631, (all authors contributed equally, authorship in alphabetical order)

Mohapatra, Partha; Graham, Allan and Nandialath, Anup Menon, (2015) “Did PricewaterhouseCoopers lose reputation post audit failure at Satyam Computer Services? Evidence from the Indian audit market” International Journal of Accounting and Finance, 5(1): 48-61

Buerki, Thomas; Nandialath, Anup Menon; Mohan, Ramesh and Lizardi, Stephanie, (2014) “International Market Selection Criteria for Emerging Markets” IUP Journal of Business Strategy, XI (4): 1-36

Peschel, Kerstin; Nandialath, Anup Menon; Mohan, Ramesh and Lizardi,Stephanie, (2014) “Private Equity and Value Creation: The French Experience” Global Review of Accounting and Finance, 5(2): 127-143

Nandialath, Anup Menon; Dotson, Jeffrey P and Durand, Rodolphe, (2014) “A Structural Approach to Handling Endogeneity in Strategic Management: The Case of RBV” European Management Review, 11(1): 47-62

Nandialath, Anup Menon; Annavarjula, Madan and Mohan, Ramesh, (2014) “Endogeneity and the Dynamics of Innovation and Firm Performance”, International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, 13(3): 329- 347

Nandialath, Anup Menon; DaVeiga, Bernardo, Annavarjula, Madan and Mohan, Ramesh, (2014) “The effect of Heteroskedasticity on factors affecting Stock Repurchases”, Global Business and Economics Review, 16(2): 142-156

Das. Diya; Nandialath, Anup Menon and Mohan, Ramesh, (2013) “Feeling unsure: quit or stay? Uncovering heterogeneity in employees intention to leave in Indian call centers”, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24(1): 15-34

Huang, Victor Zengyu; Nandialath, Anup Menon; Alsayaghi,Abdulkareem Kassim and Karadeniz, Emine Esra,(2013) “Socio-demographic Factors and Advisory Network of MENA Entrepreneurs ”, International Journal of Emerging Markets, 8(3): 258-281

Nguyen, Hana; Mohan, Ramesh and Nandialath, Anup Menon, (2013) ‘Determinants of Equity Returns in the U.S. Diversified Financial Sector – Does Systematic Risk Play an Important Role Anymore?”, IUP Journal of Applied Economics XII (3), 1-24.

Annarvarjula, Madan; Nandialath, Anup Menon and Mohan, Ramesh, (2012) “Innovation Capabilities and International Competitiveness: A Quantile Regression Approach”, International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 6(6): 615-635

Nandialath, Anup Menon; Das, Diya and Mohan, Ramesh, (2012) “Modeling Heterogeneity in Perceptions of Stress in Indian Call Centers: A Latent Class Analysis”, International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 6(5): 481-498


Teaching - Published Cases

Matherly, Laura; Nandialath, Anup Menon and Richards, Claire (2014), “Spreading Fragrance Around the World: How Attractive are the Middle East and Global Markets for Arabic Scents?,”’ A09-13-0010 -Thunderbird Case Series