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Alexander O'Brien

Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Visual and auditory perception, Research methods, Teaching methods, Memory

Current courses at UWL

General Psychology (PSY 100) - Instructor and Course Coordinator

Experimental Psychology (PSY 331)


Ph.D. (2007) - Cognitive Psychology - Iowa State University
B.S. (2001) - Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology - Iowa State University


Teaching history

General Psychology (PSY 100)

Experimental Psychology (PSY 331)

Learning & Memory (PSY 432)

Sensation & Perception (PSY 439)

Appraising the Psychology Major (PSY 485)

Psychology Honors Seminar (PSY 489)

Senior Seminar in Perception (PSY 495)

Introduction to Neuroscience (NEU 200)

First Year Student Seminar (FYS 100)



Kristin Koepke, CATL; Christa Kiersch, Management; and Alexander O'Brien, Psychology; presented "How to Marie Kondo Your Course: Applying Cognitive Load Theory to Tidy Up Courses for Online Learning and Beyond" at The Joys of Teaching and Learning (OPID - UW System) on April 9 online.

Submitted on: May 3, 2021



Jaime Schmidt, Psychology '17 and Alexander O'Brien, Psychology, co-authored the article "Typical listeners are unable to detect sound quality differences between luxury and value headphones" in Cognition, Brain, Behavior published on March 23 by ASRC Publishing House.

Submitted on: Mar. 27, 2020



Alexander O'Brien, Psychology, authored the article "Using prosopagnosia to test and modify visual recognition theory" in "Perceptual And Motor Skills" published on Feb. 8, 2018 by Sage Publications.

Submitted on: Feb. 11, 2018