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Radiation Oncology, Medical Dosimetry

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I joined the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Medical Dosimetry program as the Clinical Educational Coordinator in 2014. I am responsible for the clinical coordination of medical dosimetry internship sites. 
I have more than 30 years’ experience in both education and clinical practice. I served as program director of radiation therapy at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) from 1983-2010 and as program director of the MCG Medical Dosimetry program from 1991-2010. I have been involved in radiation therapy and medical dosimetry clinical practice throughout my career.

Current courses at UWL

Fall Semester

DOS 511 Imaging and Localization

DOS 516 Radiation Safety *

DOS 543 Seminar in Medical Dosimetry

DOS 773 Clinical Practicum III

DOS 793 Fieldwork III

Spring Semester

DOS 531 Clinical Oncology

DOS 523 Treatment Planning *

DOS 771 Clinical Practicum I

DOS 791 Fieldwork I

Summer Semester

DOS 541 Radiobiology*

DOS 772 Clinical Practicum II

DOS 741 Protocols and Studies in Rad Oncology*

DOS 792 Fieldwork II

* Assist adjunct faculty with course preparation



March, 1988       Masters in Education with a concentration in Health Administration

                            Augusta State University, Augusta, Georgia

August, 1980       Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology/Certificate in Radiation Therapy                                              

                             Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia                   

August, 1979      Associate Degree in Radiography

                             Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia  



Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board

June 1997 -present   Certified Medical Dosimetrist

American Registry of Radiologic Technology

October 1980 -present     Registered Radiation Therapist

October 1979 –present    Registered Radiographer

Research and publishing


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Anne Marie Vann, Medical Dosimetry, presented "Standardizing Treatment Planning Labs for Assessment of Clinical Skills" at the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD) Annual Conference for Educators on June 15 online. Anne Marie shared her knowledge and case studies with educators about the use of ProKnow software to standardize clinical treatment planning labs at internship sites nationwide as well as how to develop a uniform mechanism to evaluate critical thinking skills and treatment planning competence.

Submitted on: June 16